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Boat Cabin Heater

Here are and Boatersworld, we offer over 190 different types of boat cabin accessories. And have over 30 different types of cabin heaters.

Boat cabin heaters have benefited from modern commercial and residential heating technology advancements.

Boat Cabin HeaterBoat owners now have options regarding selecting the type of cabin heating systems they wish to employ.

One of the most efficient systems uses heated water from the engine cooling system. Water is pumped through piping and fans blow air over heated pipes. The heat generated from these systems is very uniform and minimizes cold drafts. These systems allow delivery of warm air to other boat locations such as helmsman chairs. This technology is also applied to warm engine compartments and thus eliminates the need for winterizing engine blocks.

Boat Engine HeaterSubmersible heating units draw heated water up from depths to keep surface water around boats warmed when docked in frigid conditions. This protects hulls and outlying engine components from exposure to freezing weater.


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