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Boat Maintenance and Boat Care

We carry all your needs to maintain your boat. We have over 100 different boat cleaners, tools to clean your boat, caulking, sealants, fasteners, and paint supplies.

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Boat maintenance involves many details and a lot of work if one is going to maintain the boat’s like new finish.

New materials are making the work easier and more effective.

Adhesives are water proof and now there are effective adhesive removers for replacing old seal materials.

Specialty products are available for polishing out scratches in gel coat surfaces and also for stopping crack creep in polymers and fiberglass.

Boat cleaners are available for preparing fiberglass surfaces for painting, for removing oxidation from metals, stain removal, and bilge cleaning.

Boat CleanerFiberglass restoration and repair can be done using repair kits that include cloth, resins, and color mixing charts.

Specialty fasteners allow repair of dislodged hardware with items such as toggle bolts.

Painting products are available for surface preparation, removal of varnish, removal of oxidized gel coat, and UV resistant paints.

Boat PolisherNew generation polish, waxes and compounds enable old finishes to be restored almost better than new.

Teak wood can be refurbished by applying teak oil. Teak wood resist rotting, but needs oiling to preserve the bright surface finish.



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