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Boaters World and offers all your electrical boat parts. We carry boat batteries and chargers, spots lights, interior lights, wire, and boat tools.

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Boat tools conjure up a myriad of specialty tools and equipment such as pliers, spanner wrenches, screw drivers with modified Philips tips for servicing lower units, small tools for outboard engine service, and modified tools for hard to reach places on inboard outboards and inboard engines.

Marine engine parts have so many specially designed parts that provide critical performance in a boat. Water pumps need to be replaced yearly for outboards used in salt water and every two years for use in fresh water.

This maintenance requires the ability to remove parts off a shaft and reinstalling new parts without damage. Reaching u-joints in an inboard outboard and replacing drive shaft seals in inboards require bearing press out tools. Another key tool not to overlook is epoxy, paints, glue, and sails. All these components are necessary for boat maintenance and repair.

Boat tools are a set of tools which you use for any mechanical or electric work in your boat. Out of the many tools that you may need in your boat, ones that are commonly required are dremel tools, drills, grinders, sanders, and hand impact wrenches.

Dremel tools are small drill like tools that serve a variety of purposes such as sanding, grinding, cutting, and drilling work. This is a multipurpose tool set and you can use it for most of your repair work.

Other tools such as drills, grinders, sanders, crimpers, and hand impact wrenches are also required as you may need to use them separately. Drills are required when you have to do work that involves boring holes or drilling screws into panels. Grinders are needed for grinding operations that occur when sharpening tools, deburring, rust removal, shaping parts, and cleaning objects. Sanders are used to smooth the work surface after cutting or repairs. Hand impact wrenches help to loosen or remove bolts.

It is important to keep your boat tools rust free and in a clean condition, so that they are readily available in case of repairs.

Boat terminal blocks are modular, insulated blocks that are used to hold or secure two or more wires together. Terminal blocks have an insulating body and a clamping device. They are flexible enough to provide centralized wiring. Their greatest benefit is their ability to maintain complex control circuits.

Terminal blocks can be single level or dual level blocks. The single level terminal block is the basic terminal block, where there is only one input and one output contact. Dual level blocks are terminal blocks with two levels of contacts. Their main purpose is to simplify wiring and to save space.

Installing terminal blocks in your boat enables you to set up your boat’s wiring connections. Some important manufacturers of boat terminal block are Sierra, Blue-Seas, Catalina, Ancor, and Sea-Bowld. It’s best to buy terminal blocks that are made from corrosion-free material to prevent rusting. They must be able to provide circuit protection, power switching, and circuit control.

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