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Boat Safety Equipment and Boaters World offers all styles and types of different boat safety equipment you would need for your boating experience.

Boat safety includes many technically advanced products, not just the every day things that come to mind such as life vests, throw rings, first aid kits, etc.

For larger water craft it is prudent to have detection devices on board. The most important detection devices are specific to carbon monoxide, gasoline vapors, and fuel water vapor content.

Carbon monoxide detectors are important in engine and cabin areas because the carbon monoxide gas is odorless and deadly.

Boat Carbon Monoxide DectectorGasoline fume detection is critical because explosions can be set off with just a spark or electrical impulse. Elevated water vapor content in fuel will result in engine failure.

EPRIBOne can not over emphasize the importance of EPIRB and PLB devices. EPIRB stands for Emergency Position Location Radio Beam and PLB stands for Personal Location Beacon.

These units broadcast at known rescue frequencies and can allow rescue personnel to locate people in less than 2 hours. These devices are not just for marine use, but also anytime a person is traveling in remote areas.

Advanced EPIRB units will deploy automatically from a water going vessel if the ship sinks to more than 4 feet under water.

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