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Fishing & Boat Books & Fishing Log Books, Boat Charts, Electronic Charts and Boaters World offers all styles and types of different fishing books.

We carry fishing log books and chartplotters.

Boat Log BookBoat chart books are valuable tools for the serious off shore navigator. Chart books are available for specific regions in the major oceans of the world. These books are organized so the boat captain can record important information.

Book pages are laminated in plastic and waterproof. When folded up they allow for easy reference to locations and allow for compact storage. When folded out the charts are large enough to perform manual navigation plotting of routes.

Waterproof Chart PagesBoat charts reference longitude, latitude, distances in nautical miles, loran grids, and GPS datums.

Other boat chart books have information on fishing techniques for various game fish while other books are designed to record vessel visitors with their comments.



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