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Diving and Snorkeling Equipment and Boaters World offers 100 different types of diving gear. We carry diving watches, flags, fins, masks and more.

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Snorkeling gear is not much less complicated than diving gear. The reason for this is that both systems use common components.

SnorkleSnorkeling technology includes portable compressors for air sully at depths up to 80 feet.

Snorkeling masks and fin equipment is virtually the same as those used in skin diving.

Quality snorkeling masks have 180 degree fields of view and incorporate fog resistant materials.

One accessory that is important to have when snorkeling off shore is a snorkeling vest. This piece of safety equipment can be inflated if the swimmer gets fatigued or experiences treacherous currents. Snorkeling is a cost effective alternative to skin diving and has most of the advantages.

FinsGood masks, fins, and snorkel system allow for a pleasurable and safe experience.

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