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Fishing tackle is an extremely broad topic that includes fishing rigs, fishing line, jigs, leaders, hooks, weights, bucktails, leaders and rigging accessories, lure trolling, plugs and hard baits, boat skirt teasers, spoons, tackle boxes, worms and spinner baits.

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Worms & Spinner Baits and Boaters World offers all you need to go fishing. We have hundreds of fishing hooks, fishing lures, baits and all the fishing line you would need. offers tackle boxes to stores all your lures, hooks and bait too.


We carry saltwater fishing tackle, freshwater fishing tackle, and fly fishing tackle.

As this assortment of equipment suggest there are hundreds of specialty fishing techniques and methods employed by fishermen.

For example, bucktail jigs are used to catch crappie in fresh water and larger versions are used for stripers and for salt water game fish. The shape, size, and color patterns vary for each type of application.


Tackle BoxLine rigging can be subtle for fresh water fishing in that small weights and light line are used; where as salt water applications require steel leaders and heavier line due to the size of game fish teeth.

Baits can be soft plastics, hard plugs, spoons, spinners, or combinations of lure types.

Storage and organization of tackle requires a number of tackle box concepts. Specialty compartments are required for spinner baits and plastics.

Plastic lures must be kept separate from other types of plastics to avoid chemical reaction and ruination of the different plastic parts.

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