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How to post a fishing report?

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Who Can Post Fishing Reports?

Anyone is free to post a fishing report on our website. It is up to the person posting the fishing report, if they want to login or not. An advantage to signing up and logging in each time you post, is to build up trust with the readers of the message board.

Create a User Profile or go to fishing report message board now.

The majority of our reports come from fishing captains and guides who want to inform the public about their latest fishing experience. Whether you fish in Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, Lake Erie, or the ocean, fishing guides post reports. They can include information such as the type and number of fish caught, what type of bait was used, images, and any other descriptive information.

NOTE: Our new fishing reports message board allows you to:

  • Search for fish reports, guides, messages, etc.
  • Allows you to add your fishing report anytime, for free
  • Allows you to add your fishing pictures within your message

How To Post And Navigate The Fishing Report Message Board?

Anyone is free view and read the fishing reports on our website. The majority of visitors come to our web site to see how the fish are biting in a specific location and/or to find a fishing guide or fishing charter. There are three different ways to find a specific fishing location and report. Once you find your location, click on Post New Message.

  1. Click on the Fishing Location Name and drill down to a more specific location.
    a. First click on Saltwater or Freshwater,
    b. Next click on a country or region,
    c. Next click on a fishing location, state or area,
    d. And so on until you reach the fishing reports.
  2. Use the Fishing Location Tree View of all the fishing locations and fishing hot spots.
    a. By clicking on the plus [+] sign, the locations open down;
    b. By clicking on the minus [- ] sign, the locations close up;
    c. Keep clicking on the plus sign until you arrive at your specific location.
  3. Perform a Fishing Report Search and search all messages on the website.
    a. You can search by keywords (example: gulf tuna )
    b. You can search by date (example: last 5 days)
    c. You can combine both types along with other criteria

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