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Coyhaique - Patagonia - Chile

Coyhaique, the heart of Chilean Patagonia, is a three hour flight from Santiago de Chile. Isolated from the capital and main population centers of Chile, Coyhaique boasts all the comforts of a fair sized city.

Coyhaique Fishing Guides

Southern Exposure Fly Fishing

Fishing Action For Coyhaique Chile

The scenery is splendid. We are surrounded by the Southern Andes, and the untainted rivers and lakes that nourish this vast wilderness.

The Coyhaique area offers an incredible variety of waters and landscapes, from small spring creeks in the dry pampas to big rivers in the temperate rain forests. And all of this within 50 miles of Coyhaique. Of course this also provides a great diversity in fishing, from tiny dry flies to Chernobyles and Hoppers: From big streamers to small nymphs.

Fishing for resident Rainbows and Browns are our main targets, and though we do not focus on Salmon fishing you might incidentally hook a big Silver or a King salmon.

The fishing season goes from the second Friday in October to the first Sunday in May. I know you want me to tell you which is the best time to come and my answer to that is simple.

October/November: Glaciers are not melting yet, so it’s a great period to fish glaciers fed rivers, when they run small and clear. Some good examples are the Rios Baker, Blanco and Paloma. Spring creeks are also at their best, with good water flow and fish that haven’t seen an imitation in months.

December/January: A good opportunity to fish the outflows of Lagos Elizalde and Azul and some great spots that I rather not mention here. The Rios Simpson, Manihuales, Aysen, Nirehuao and Huemules start to get in shape.

February/March: Mayfly hatches on the Simpson and Lago Frio, grasshoppers at the Nirehuao and Huemules and evening caddis hatches on Lago Pollux. It is the best period to fish with dry flies.

April/May: The Fall is already here. Days are shorter and mornings cooler. Lenga trees are turning red while the mountain peaks turn white. It’s the most beautiful time of the year, the rivers are very small and there are mayfly hatches all day long.

The Town of Coyhaique Chile

There are excellent places to stay, restaurants, grocery stores, and good medical facilities. Chilean Patagonia is one of the safest, most friendly, yet isolated and hauntingly beautiful regions of the world and there is also fish… What else do you need?

A little more about Chile :

  • It’s a stable democracy.
  • Chile’s growing economy is a model for other countries around the globe.
  • The people are friendly and always willing to help travellers.
  • The national language is Spanish.
  • It’s very safe and there is no terrorism of any kind.
  • There are no tropical diseases.
  • There are neither poisonous animals nor plants.

Restaurant Historico Ricer
Good place to eat and to find tourism information and live music on weekends.

Restaurant La Casona: The best traditional dishes
Address: Obispo Vielmo 77 - Coyhaique - E-mail: suraysen @

Hotel El Reloj: Small and nice Hotel with a good restaurant too. Most of their customers are anglers.
Address: Baquedano 828 - Coyhaique E-mail: htlelreloj

Hotel Los Nires: Good location and better rates. Also good restaurant
Address: Baquedano 315 - E-mail: info

Patagonia Outdoors
The only fishing shop in town, where you can get spinning and fly fishing tackle. Also you can buy fishing licenses.

Ferreteria La Nueva: It's a hardware store where you can also find fishing gear.
Address: Condell 150

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