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    Default Brigantine Surf and Fish Bites

    Monday July 30th I went fishing on Brigantine Beach in New Jersey.
    It was sunny at 8:00 am, low tide with a 10 to 15 mph on shore breeze.
    I was rigged up with a Fin Strike brand spot/king-fish rig and some blood worms.
    I was fishing at about 6th street. There is a jetty there, either side of the jetty is
    My first cast I caught a 12 inch king-fish. (this is like a small whiting)
    Next I had another king. After that I was hooking spot. They were 4 to 6 inch size.
    I had fish on almost every cast.Spots.jpg
    I did this for a while. The next day I fished the same beach in the morning and caught
    double header spot on every cast. I found I got them close to shore. Then I ran out of
    blood worms. I had the Fish Bites artificial bait. Blood-Worms ľ inch size was
    recommended to me at the bait store.
    They work as well as the real bait. Even better because you donít have to replace them
    too often. Just a half to ĺ inch piece stuck on the hook twice and they bite like crazy
    I didnít catch any more king-fish for the rest of the weekend.
    I did try chunking up the spot to catch a blue fish a couple of times with no luck.
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    Default Sheepshead Bay Fishing Report: Snappers from the dock.

    I went to Sheepshead bay Looking for snappers Tuesday August 7th 2012.
    About 11:30 there was a 5 mph breeze in the bay.
    It was a mild day, partly cloudy when I finally rolled into Sheepshead Bay.
    I wasn't sure if I was going for fluke or what when I walked into Stella Maris
    Fishing Station on Emmons Avenue in Brooklyn.
    I asked if there were any snappers in the water.
    The bait guy said yes and they had little spearing for the snapper bait.
    So it was no Steeplechase Pier or 38th Street Jetty for me I just went
    to one of the Piers that the fishing boats sail from. (Bedford Avenue)
    It was full high tide too. As I fished there were times when the fish were jumping all over the bay.
    You could hear "SLAP....splash" over here and over there, while this was happening I couldn't hook anything.
    I found the fish to be small this week. Only one in 5 was good enough for cooking.
    Most were about 3 inches long. I like the ones that are 6 to 8 inches.
    As usual it took me a while to find the depth.
    I settled on my home made rig of a bobber and a fresh water hook with a little silver propeller
    and some beads that I had from some fresh water tackle.

    These fish were too small to take the Kast Master or Side Winder lures that I usually use.
    Daredevle spoons are good for the snapper blues too.
    When using a bobber I always add a leader for the bobber to be on with a swivel.
    The bobber will twist your line if there is no swivel to take the turns away.
    Also the bobber clamps on the line in a way that will ruin it.
    If I am fishing with 10 pound test a 20 pound test leader is good for the bobber.

    I had 3 fish good enough to eat by 1:00

    I saw the Golden Sunshine party boat load up with kids from a camp and the Sea Queen left for the afternoon trip. That was enough for me.
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    Default Brigantine Beach Surf fishing

    From Brigantine N.J.

    Monday & Tuesday August 13th/14th 2012 I fished in Brigantine Beach New Jersey.
    I tried a couple of places on the beach. 6th Street South at the jetty-rock pile had plenty of spot
    Monday morning. 9:00 am. The tide was low and rising. I caught a dozen fish on fish bites with a Sea Strike Kingfish/Spot rig.

    spot kingfish rig.jpg

    Carr Specialty Baits, Inc. :: Saltwater Fishbites :: Bloodworm Alternative Regular (LL)

    Then Monday afternoon 5:00 pm I went with my wife, son and dog to the beach by North 14th Street.
    That beach allows cars and dogs.
    It was sunny @ high tide with a 10 to 15 mph breeze... 85 degrees.
    I caught nothing... At the end of the concrete boardwalk it is legal to fish all day but it is not the hot spot.
    Also the green flies ate me for lunch.

    Tuesday morning 7 am I returned to 6th St south and the Jetty/Rock Pile.
    It was a sunny morning with a slight onshore breeze. A falling tide about 75 degrees. Again I caught about a dozen spot in an hour or so.

    My neighbors in Brigantine are really good people. One guy right next to me in the condo shared a whole lot of fishing spots and techniques.
    That was very nice!
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    Default Fish Finder Partyboat in Brigantine and Gulp Chartuse

    Monday August 20th I took the morning trip out on the Fish Finder II from Brigantine New Jersey.
    It was a partly cloudy morning about 75 to 85 degrees. There was only 10 mph breeze behind the beach.
    These catamaran boats are small. The Fish Finder II is very nice. The captain and mate are excellent.
    The Head is the cleanest I have ever seen (smelled)
    Hard liquor is not allowed but some good morning beer drinking was going on.
    There is really not much room aboard but it is a half day so nobody brings much stuff.
    Being a Monday there were only 15 customers. (approximately)fish finder.jpg
    We sailed out of the marina and were fishing in 10 minutes.
    We fished drifts inside the Brigantine bridge. In Absecon Inlet.
    A 5 or 6 Oz. sinker holds well on the rental poles or my 20 lb spinning set up.
    They have frozen spearing, squid strips and live killies for bait.
    The boat had English bend fluke hooks but they call the fish flounder.
    There were not a lot of good flounder coming up, mostly small sea bass.
    I was only hooking the small bass so I changed it up a little and added a gulp to my hook
    and I caught the only decent flounder (Fluke) that I had all day.
    I tried another gulp and it got bit in half. That was the end of my gulps, I only brought 2.
    The crowd on the boat is very friendly.
    They play good rock and roll over the boat's speakers.
    It was an enjoyable trip.
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    Default Brigantine fishing bridge and boat ramp fishing report

    Thursday, Friday and Saturday August 30th - Sept 1st 2012
    I fished from the shore in Brigantine New Jersey.Atlantic_City_satellite_map.jpg
    Thursday was hot and sunny... as the days passed it got stormier and cooler till Saturday it was windy 75 degrees with on and off rain.
    My first cast in this spot, I caught a flounder.
    I had not thawed out my frozen spearing, I only had a gulp on my single fluke hook.
    I cast to the west, along with the incoming tide and pulled up a fish.
    It was a short, but that was good luck for me!
    I kept on fishing for flounder like this but nothing else that day.
    Each morning I showed up for the tail end of the rising tide and someone hooked one short fluke each day.
    At slack high water I experimented around and got one spot (spotted mullet) near the new bridge.
    Then I found all the snapper blues under the old bridge.
    I got them on spearing and fish bites. I caught snappers on lures too.
    Each day it was all you want of snappers. By the 3rd day the fish were bigger but not there all the time. They came and went a few times before I gave up.
    The side winder and Daredevle spoons were ok but the Kast Master and Hopkins jig went deeper in the stiff current to get more fish.

    The old bridge is a nice fishing spot. Just go north from Atlantic City over the new bridge to Brigantine. Then take the "U" turn to the old bridge. You can park on the grass but use caution the curbs here are high and it is rough on the bottom of a car.

    Fishing from the Atlantic City side is also possible. By the rear of Harrah's casino.

    Nice people come here but somebody leaves lots of fishing garbage around.
    I took out bags of trash each day... I hope the 7-11 doesn't mind. I used their dumpster.

    I also tried for some snappers at the town boat ramp at 6th street west on the bay side.
    I tried calm days morning and evening incoming and outgoing tides, bait and lures, no fish are here.
    There are really few good public shore spots on brigantine except for the beach.
    This town is mostly private water access.
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    Default Back to Brigantine Old Bridge fishing and the DEP officer

    Monday September 10th I went back to the old bridge in Brigantine looking for some flounder (fluke) or some snappers.
    I had my son with me so I made it a quick trip for easy fish. I thought the snappers would be thick @ high tide like they were last week.
    It was 3:30 or so and the tide was high and still coming in.
    Full sun but cooler, there had been a big cooling off. It was about 75 degrees with 10-15 mph breeze at the bridge.
    I started with frozen spearing & squid on a single english bend hook.
    My son was using various bait rigs and lures to look for the snappers under the bridge.
    He got a small blue pretty quickly, they were not abundant.
    I didn't have any luck for flounder.
    I tied on a big diamond jig with a bunch of teasers (Sabiki rig) and tossed it to some birds that were feeding under the new bridge.
    I had a fish, nicer than the little snapper my son had.
    We kept trying but the birds went away. after that we caught nothing so we packed up and went back to the car.
    At the car an officer came up to us and questioned if we had any fish.
    He was from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
    We showed him the 2 Baby Blues and he said that we had one River Herring and there is a ban on these type of fish.
    I didn't notice when I caught it!snapper.jpgriver herring.jpg
    He took the fish, which was stone dead, and said he was not going to fine us.
    I didn't even get a chance to show our New Jersey Saltwater Registry cards.
    I have to look at the rule book better.
    It was very nice to have my son fishing with me, it doesn't happen too often.
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    Default Fish Finder Party-Boat and surf casting in Brigantine, NJ.

    Monday 9/17/2012 I took the 3/4 day trip out on the Fish Finder in Brigantine New Jersey.
    In the fall it sails at 8:00 am. and you're back on shore at 2:00 pm.
    It was a bright sunny day with only a 5 mph breeze in the morning.
    70 degrees but it warmed up to 85.
    We headed to the reef a mile or so off shore.
    Where we drifted for flounder (fluke).
    There were only 8 customers on board so there was plenty of room.
    For $50 you can have a good time.
    This is a nice trip, we were fishing by 9:00.
    Frozen spearing, squid and clam were available. A 6 0z. sinker and a wide gap hook was the boat's rig.
    The captain and mate were chumming and tossing out cut fish in hopes of finding some bluefish but nothing like that all day.
    From the bottom were Flounder, Sea-Bass, Croaker, Snapper-Blues...also Sea-Robins, Skate and Dog-Fish.
    I had a few short flounder and some croaker to take home. The Sea-bass were nice but out of season.
    The pool fish was a 17 & 1/2 inch Flounder, only 3 keepers on the boat.
    It had become so calm that we weren't drifting with the wind hardly at all.
    Such a nice sunny day I got baked in the sun.
    The captain and mate worked hard all day, the boat is super clean, a good trip.

    Attachment 237

    After that I didn't have enough so I looked for some fish in the surf near my house.
    By this time time it was low tide and I tossed my crocodile spoon and a diamond jig for a while.
    Then I got serious and got some spot with fish bites right next to the jetty at 9th street.
    I had 2 in a half hour of this casting.

    The next day was stormy I just looked at the beach.

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    Default Reel Perfection is a great shop!

    This is not so much a fishing report but a review of a wonderful company called
    "Reel Perfection"
    I had lost the drag knob on my Diawa BG 60 reel.
    It is not the prettiest reel, it is made in China, but it is a workhorse.
    I strapped my rods on my car for a trip to the Jersey Shore and when I arrived the drag knob was gone from my Diawa.
    There are not many Diawa parts places around. Reel perfection was listed so I e-mailed them.
    The response was next day. He just asked for my shipping address. I sent it to him in another e-mail and offered my credit card info.
    A week later the part shows up at my door. No paying up front needed. It was only $7.60. Including tax and shipping.
    That was so nice of the owner (Jerry) to just send it like that.

    I must try them for other things.

    This is the website
    Reel Perfection

    I like Reel Perfection better than Penn Reel or Cabella's or Bass Pro nor any other fishing tackle mail order company that I have tried.

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    Default The jetty @ the south end of Brigantine Beach

    Monday September first I fished the jetty at the south end of Brigantine Beach.
    I first tried in the morning the tide was pretty high and still coming in when I hit the jetty at 8 am.
    It was sunny with a 10 to 15 mph breeze about 70 degrees when I started. I was the only one on the jetty untill I left then some others were showing up. I had some croakers that I had caught in those waters a couple of weeks ago. I started with some chunks on a striper rig that holds the bait 3 feet off the bottom. There is a little buck-tail on the hook.
    I had some bights right away. I found it to be small bluefish. I caught one and had it for lunch. The tide was full at about 9:30 and I was out of bait. It was a very nice morning.
    I came back at 4:00 pm and the tide was low and starting to come in. I started with the striper rig again and a snapper blue that I caught by the Brigantine town boat ramp. No luck at first.
    There was a guy picking up crabs from in between the boulders and using them to get a couple of blackfish (tautog) from the rocks around the jetty.
    I tried this and was doing ok till I lost the only blackfish rig that I had.
    Then the birds and baitfish started happening when the tide started to move into the inlet.
    I tied on a diamond jig and the second it hit the water I had a bluefish on ...
    Also my line snagged a seagull. Ha ha what a mess! The seagull got off and I was catching nice cocktail blues one right after another.
    They took the crocodile spoon too. I had 10 after a while. It was great.
    It was a classic sundown bluefish massacre.
    I had enough diamond jigs to share with another fisherman who was interested in the blues.
    It was a nice finish to my trips to Brigantine Beach for the year.
    I had enough fish for the parking lot guy and a big fish fry when I got home.bluefish on the newspaper.jpg
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    Default Blackfish from the Jetty in Brigantine NJ

    I got a chance to go back to Brigantine and do a little fishing. Good access to this spot is by Sandy Lane and Ocean Drive South.

    Tuesday 10/9 I fished the Jetty at the South end of Brigantine Beach. I got there at 8:00 am It was raining slightly.
    (Only a mist) 65 degrees with 10 to 20 mph breeze from the North-East, the tide was low. There were waves crashing on the north side of the jetty.
    I got some crabs from in between the boulders. They were pretty small, about inch to inch and a half. I put them on a rig made to keep me out of the rocks and still present the bait.
    I prefer Blackfish hooks with no beads or any color. Using 3 oz banks sinker with a short stiff pole and 20 lb test on the spinning reel.
    The northside of the jetty was so rough with the crashing waves so I tried on the south side 75 feet from the end where the water was calmer.
    Just casting 50 feet out and bouncing my rig towards the jetty on the retrieve. I moved the bait about once a minute. The crabs would come off after a couple of casts like this. I don't know if there were some small bites or if they just fell away. On each hook I had a crab and a half. Ond big one cut in 2 and the little one, whole, on the tip of the hook.
    After a couple times like this I had a big bite. The fish took me right into the rocks. I pulled and was stuck I waited 30 seconds and again stuck. I tried this a few more times, then a big wave came and soaked me to the knees, The fish took off for deep water and that's when I got him.

    It was a nice fish 17&1/2 inches (about 3 pounds).
    I never caught a blackfish from the shore before It was awesome! I quit and took my fish to the cooler. All this by 9:00 am.

    This jetty is a good spot
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