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    Default Get local info and intel prior to going. Then fish as much as possible

    The bite can change from day to day and each boat and each fisherman has different ways of catching that work for them. I suggest going with someone who has put a few fish in the box. I have had the privilege of fishing with many experienced salmon fishermen and each has his own style and each boat does things differently.
    1. Do you have down riggers?
    2. Do you stop trolling when you hook up? Some guys do and some dont. Some turn the boat towards the side the fish is on and some try to turn the fish. Some guys leave the wires down and others pull them up. I suggest getting that wire out of the way so you have one less thing to worry about.
    3. Do you use bait? If so how do you rig it? rsk, fbr, cable baiter, crowbar, hoochovy?
    4. Flasher, dodger or straight?
    5. Lures, what is your favorite? Scalite wobbler, Canadian Wonder, Apex, Crocodile, Coyote and the list goes on. Do these catch fish or fishermen? I have seen both!
    6. How fast do you troll?
    7. Mooching? I have not got to learn this technique YET>>> But have some vague ideas of how it works or doesnt work.

    Now most importantly, make sure you cover your share of expenses and labor! Buy bait, ice, pay launch fees, help cover fuel costs, make food to share, clean up after, learn how to clean your own fish, bring baggies and knives, get your own gear and know how to use it. Learn proper netting techniques so you don't taco the net and or lose the fish. Close the net!
    Learn how to operate the boat and help, help, and help some more. Be able to back a trailer down the ramp and park it in between the lines. Help pay for parking, bring quarters for the washdown area.

    Now go to a river and do some combat fishing and throw all of this out the window. Or go to Oregon and back troll to keep even with the current.
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