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    Thanks to the B.A. bbq crew. thanks to all that donated and thanks to those that gave raffle items. Hugh

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    Got everyone and everything to their homes about 10, the cook was "well done", found a small rubbermaid cooler -about 12pack size, left it with sport launch crew today in case any of you left it there, claim it at sport launch in the next couple of weeks , found a jacket with hood -that i think belongs to antikbuff? Dave let me know if yours is missing. other than that place was clean when we departed. Pegleg never made it so we gave Scott a ride home to oceano.Greg didnt answer cellphone today so he may be fishing yet again, we thought for sure you would magically show up and throw a whole fish on the Q .
    about same counts as last year ? maybe 125-140 people total , 90 plates served, lots of snackers between 11-2 who didnt stay til main meal or doorprize drawing. we could have served 150-160.
    weather superb, we ran about 45 minutes late-- 20 minutes from me loading gear and prizes into jims already packed pickup and 25 minutes reconfiguring the grills so tri tip wouldnt fall into the fire.
    VAFB trailer pit was Excellent otherwise.
    1 year at a time, hopefully Jim will recover by then,
    thats 4 down , each a little bit better I hope.
    Thanks for Enjoying the day with all of us.

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