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    Default Morro Albie Report Thurs. 10-25-12

    Weather was perfect. We fished from sunrise to sunset. Tons of jumpers and bait everywhere but not many takers. We went 3 for 5. Managed to get a nice one to blow up on a dead squid on the surface at a jig stop while chumming pieces but it broke off after taking a football field worth of 30# mono. Caught one on a green mack rapala, the rest on various feathers. Water temp where we caught fish was 60.4 degrees. The fish were scattered and lots of people were communicating and sharing numbers. So many numbers it was playing connect the dots on my map. We caught fish at 30/21 and 25/17 but did about 50 total miles of trolling trying to find a consistent area. Here's a sampling of some of the numbers where others where catching fish. 30/23, 35/26, 26/12, 20/19, 26/16, 30/20, 32/31, 29/20 and the list goes on. Our biggest was 33lbs and the other two were 25lbs and 29lbs. Next trip we are going to rig a bait tank water recycler so we can get bait in Santa Barbara then trailer it up.
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