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    Thumbs up Long Big Thank you to all at CCFCC PSL BBQ.

    Thank you all for attending and supporting the CCFCC PSL Event and Gathering.
    I apologize for not recording all the contributers and their Help, equipment , dishes and provisions etc..
    Feel free to add replies with names and description of anything or anyone I leave incomplete or exclude. I encourage it .
    This event was my Crewman Jim Banukus idea four years ago, he said if I would organize it he would cook , his cooking is better than my organizing but fishreports.net allows us to reach this community and MAke it happen.
    The PSL sportlaunch & boatyard crews gave us their blessing and their Grounds and we Created an "End of season bbq/picnic /meet & greet" using this forum to wrangle everything.
    The CCFCC helped us expand the event and then helped us keep fishing until EOY, but the BBQ & related gathering continues without the end of season excuse.
    This year we again used the inside turn to cook and serve. WE thankfully had shade, tables and chairs from Will Bateman and Tony Castillo so 2 picnic tables and a seawall were not the on ly tailgate subsitutes, I hope everyone found suitable accomodations.
    CAnvasman Mike provided an excellent meaty chiili and grilled scallop appetizers whiel we were getting set up, plus some pickled seasoned hard boiled eggs with a "chili zip" to them, excellent.
    he also provided a serving table and some prizes for drawings.
    this year Barbara Carter our door prize ticket distributor had everyone write a name on ticket so we could more equtiably handle the final drawings. Barbara & Bruce Carter and Barbaras Fishing partner Jerry Sato provided Jims favorite Side dish, A full case of fresh live oysters and some sriacha sauce and myer lemmons. they were distributed at the grill to those brave enough. I hope everybody who wanted some got to try them. super thanks.Jerry also made a supply run to get the cook some more Pacifico "coolant" so he could endure the heat Marty provided the extra ice we needed, The firewood and Numerous door prizes+ an extra $100 toward Meat beside the Venue and so much more. WE recieved Additional door prizes from the Pub, the Coffee shop, the gift shop & my brother Jeff. Jeff also though his Central Coast Distributing affiliation helped me get most of the complimentary cooler supplies and "fish batter mixing fluid".
    Early on we Recieved a fresh batch of rockfish fillets which were served hot with lemon wedges cooked in "Larry the cable guy" fish n chips batter mixed with PBR.
    Next were large shrimp serve the same, then white seabass and finnally a few bolina and lingcod cooked same. Whoever brought the salmon and albacore we apologize it took so long to get BBQ ed and to the buiffet, the second wave got a real treat, we do appreciate it. also thanks to whoever gave us the second bunch fo whtie seabass for the fryer. There were several desserts , cupckakes, deviled eggs, mac and potatoe salads and soem deer sausage contributed as well. A couple of us smoked albacore and served it up, the treats changed by the minute. we ran out of soft drinks & bottled water with the heat, I had a few MTn dews & root beers , even saw a Mason jar of original MTn DEW go though a few hands over by the fishign club table and saw Kohei eat lemmons like orange slices. we cooked linguica til no one would eat anymore, we messed up the salad with too much dressing, the bread was a little behind schedule but we finnaly sent out the slice choice tri tip until everyone was satisfied.
    Jim drafted Scott (fishergo) to be his apprentice and made a new friend that day. Scott , thanks for all your help and hope you got all your gear back. scott also helped us clean the pit and load gear until after dark.
    Tony Castillo finally made it to this one after donating fishing sinkers, ice , gear and supplies to last year. We shamelessly put him to work on the fryer knowign he has both owned and managed fast food Places for years, sorry your day off looked like work with better scenery, also thanks for borrowing the warming oven and trays from the
    Swiss restaurant and the fries & ice from your own. I know you had fun despite the duty.

    Thank you to Kim & the Coffee shop for their doorprize and the dishwashing, The lainch crew for the extension cords and forklift launch passes T shirts, hats and Whatever I missed.
    Sorry Bob Hather ,I had some pinot for you and lost it in the shuffle, thanks for this website and Your CCFCC involvement, Please thank Mel For all of us Too.
    Thanks to the Harbor patrol and district crew, we filled the trash cans and separated the recycling and hope we didnt make any extra work for you. we appreciate the tows, the vigilance and the gentle exercise of authority without harsh attitude.
    Fish & Game Participated and many were eager to question them in a shoreside setting without the tensions of a boarding or haulout interuption.

    The anglers annonymous fishing club did a raffle, I will let them elaborate, no tournament was held this year, probably my fault for delaying the" Go" signal , but they all got to eat.
    We hosted the Head of The "Jurasic" Sportfishing club, Mostly Ocean -kayak and Shore anglers, USAF Sgt. K. Morton & he met up with the LEffingwell Group and discussed Small boat activities.
    they kayak fished Vafb and the SB Channle Islands this year and video recorded several exploits.
    Kohei Kikuchi & CCSE/ Salmon Seabass rearing project Coordinater had a display and a raffle Setup. Ko K will update us soon.
    Once again thanks to all, recognized or forgoten, I may will wake up toniught embarrassed by what Ive forgotten, forgive me its been a long week.
    Special thanks to Melvin De La Motte of CCFCC for taking the major share of the provisioning expense, Bob Hather & associates? For This Forum, Thanks Bro. to Gentle Giant Jim B. for the Free Catering, cooking ,transport and equipment, I only paid him for the pit rental and ran out of his beer of the day twice. he's spending sunday with a sore back and gear cleaning. I hope to put you on fish again as that is your favorite reward.
    until next time , God willing and the creek/tide don't rise too far.. Thanks Again, God bless, protect & prosper you all, and may your fish holds be full, your lines be tight, your Boats Remain Afloat and the weather fishable or better.

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    Barry / All - Sorry I did not get to attend the whole event. My kids were cementing the driveway - and I am still suffering the aftereffects of leaving them on their own. Anyway the event was awesome. Every bit as good as the last time with the fishing tournament. The camaraderie and food were just spectacular. Thanks to all of you for allowing us to run the raffles - and the generous donations toward getting the WSB pen-rearing project going. The 'Negative Declaration' to be prepared by DiLeo & Moran has been initiated as of the last meeting at the PSL Commission meeting, and we have sufficient funds to get this part done. Once we have the documents, the PSL Harbor Commission is supposed to sign off on the CDP application, which will in turn be submitted to the California Coastal Commission for approval. I think I explained this right - but to make sure all interested parties are all on the same page, we intend to bring everyone up to speed at the next AA meeting to be held at the CCSE headquarters. As soon as this is setup, I will post on this board. Another 'sorry' for not remembering all the names of folks who gave us items for our raffles. Kohei

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    Great Review Barry,

    Thanks to you and Jim......and many others ....I had so much fun!

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    Another great event by Barry and crew! Thank you guys
    A big thanks also to Whitney Uyeda and the folks at Big Hammer, Bobby at Fish O Holics,Will Bateman, Jack Frey, John Somics, Marty, PSL coffee shop, and someone who dropped off some sunscreen sticks. As well as everyone who helped make this an event to remember.

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