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    The “Partnership for Sustainable Oceans”?

    Sounds like an organization that wants to save our oceans.
    The reality: It’s a front group of corporate special interests.

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    Taking its cue from the defunct Tobacco Institute, the trade group funded by cigarette companies, the "Partnership for Sustainable Oceans" (PSO) is engaged in an effort to cast doubt on the science of balanced ocean protection measures by waging a million-dollar PR/lobbying campaign and legal effort to thwart the implementation of California’s landmark Marine Life Protection Act.

    Funded by fishing equipment manufacturers that profit from overfishing and overharvesting sea life, PSO backers are trying to stop Florida’s efforts to protect the manatee, they support the killing of sea lions in California…and now have turned their attention to blocking protection of California’s coastal marine life.
    The Truth About the MLPA

    Learn more about the PSO and the facts to counter its “fish stories” about the Marine Life Protection Act

    What is the PSO?
    PSO’s Anti-Oceans Track Record
    Who’s Behind the PSO?
    PSO's False Attacks on the MLPA
    PSO Plays Politics with Our Oceans
    The Truth

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    This is a hit piece funded by the enviro-nazis (Pew/Packard Foundation) that comes up on most fishing websites per auto search worms. The PSO represents recreational fishing interests and is partners' with Coastside Fishing Club in the Bob Fletcher lawsuit to overturn the corrupt MLPA process. It's not what it appears......as usual.

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