Date: December 8th, 2012
Name: Lake Baccarac Lodge
Hottest Baits: Flukes, Super Flukes
Hottest Colors: Watermelon, Watermelon / Red
Date Fished: December, 2012

Comments: The last ten days on Lake Baccarac have been nothing short of phenomenal. I will try to recap some of the highlights. Rafael Soto and his friends from Culiacan, the first day fishing, all broke their personal best with bass over 11 pounds on topwater.

Tino Gamueda from Lubbock, Texas caught a 12.6 largemouth on topwater. He described it as the best fishing he had ever had in his life and said Baccarac bass fishing is unbelievable. Rick Zugschwerdt, Shin and Eric Tanaka and Larry Albert, working on their 15th trip to the lodge, are on pace to catch 20 bass over the 10 pound mark with somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 fish weighing in at over 9lbs. And after all of their trips to Lake Baccarac, they have classified this one as the best ever. They said they have never caught so many giant, trophy bass!