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    Default Big Bass Caught Deep at Baccarac

    Date: January 30th, 2013
    Name: Lake Baccarac Lodge
    Hottest Baits: Electric Blue Worms, Lizards, Super Flukes, Swim Shads, Alabama Rigs
    Hottest Colors: Watermelon, Watermelon / Red
    Date Fished: January, 2013

    Comments: A review of the last few days of bass fishing on Lake Baccarac. A group of 16 bass anglers reported an overall great trip, with largemouth over 12 pounds being caught. They had success using Alabama rigs and Super Flukes rigged with weighted hooks, Scroungers tipped with watermelon Super Flukes and 7 inch Senkos. Recently arrived guests reporting better action than the previous bass anglers with some boats catching 30 to 40 bass a day and fish over 13 pounds. The fish are on the main river points and the best area of the lake is Poppa Chaw. Fishing deep is producing good results on Lake Baccarac.
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