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    Launched out of Ventura at 7am today under clear skies and minimal wind/swell. Shortly outside of the harbor noticed a ton of bait (pinhead chovies) off of the fairgrounds to Emmawood in 60-80' of water. Decided to put the trolling rods out there but no love, picked up and headed off of Arco in 115-165. Trolled there for several hours making our way to the rigs. Fished the lower three on the outside towards the gap and then back out to 230'. Unfortunately there were no signs of life at Arco, the rigs, or the outside for us. We put some serious time and miles on today but it just wasn't happening. Several other boaters out there zig-zaging and moving around (usually not a good sign).

    Trolled 2 rsk's with nice deans, one at 60 pulls the other at 90-110 pulls, and a watermelon apex up the gut on a deep six just about all day.

    Towards the end of the day decided what the heck, might as well go where we found bait in the morning and headed all the way back to Emmawood, Ventura river mouth zone. Immediately metered bait, saw bait balls and birds working.

    Trolled there for an hour for nada, but my partner saw a bird school about 1/4 mile away we couldn't pass up. We pulled our gear and headed towards the activity and saw fish boiling on bait. Freakin' LOG barries everywhere underneath the bait. We spent the remainder of the afternoon catching nothing but giant barries on everything but the kitchen sink. They ate everything....plastics, spoons, jigs, dead bait, you name it. If the school sank out we'd just move a few hundred yards to the next bait school and load up again. Caught and released over 20 toads, and kept a few for the smoker. I've caught my share of slime sticks over the years but these were truly impressive. We had a few units pushing 40" and 12 lbs, no joke. Very fun on bass gear and really salvaged an otherwise slow day.

    I know this is not all that exciting and bad news from a salmon perspective, but with all the bait and activity out in front on the flats right now (and with another few weeks and a few more degress of water temp, you can bet Mr. Seabass will be making an appearance very soon.

    Things are looking prime for a very good seabass bite on the flats this spring, mark my words.

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    Thanks for the report.

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    Hey Scott, thanks for the report. Sounds like lots-o-fun. I wouldn't give up on the salmon just yet. I've caught lots of local salmon mixed in with the barries in the past. Last fall there was a late season snap on the salmon off Arco that had barries mix in. PSL and Morro have posed a few fish so far this season and last year really good, I think it will be a good bite up there. I don't know if u got a trailer, but it's an easy tow up there and it may be what it's going to take to get the pink on ur boat!

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