I've been working on fixing/preventing a "redirection" hack that has been hitting many message boards on the internet.
I believe I have fixed and gotten rid of the problem, but it could return?

What seems to have happen, is through an exploit of the software, the hackers were able to execute code
that would redirect you to another website, when you landed on Fishreports.net from a search engine.

If you were trying to come to fishreports.net and got sent to www. myfilestore .com or something similar, that was the hack.

Ive changed passwords to my accounts related to fishreports. It would not hurt you to do the same.

here are the best 2 resources I found dealing with this issue:

Vbulletin myfilestore hack - Find the traces and remove them - Club Myce

Filestore Redirect Hack - How to Fix Your Forum - vBulletin SEO Forums

PLEASE, if anyone notices anything funny or some odd redirection to another website, please let me know.