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    Default Rough day and last report for awhile...

    Launched out of s.b. on Friday morning to a medium mixed swell and a south breeze. Headed to the lighthouse and immediately found a few birds over bait in 150' of water. Fished a great looking current break (with scum line) and all the right looking conditions. Decent amount of finbait present spread out over a 1/2 mile zone. Trolled and trolled and trolled for nothing, 3.5 hrs later decided to pull up and shot down to Carp. Fished the coastal reefs for 2 hours for only a handful of sugar bass.

    Headed to the 4-mile in sloppy conditions and managed a half limit of medium/small reds, chucks, and johnny's to salvage the day. Wind really started picking up and on top of an already mixed groundswell it was time to head for the barn. We headed back to the harbor at about 3000 rpms, kinda sludging our way home in the slop. I wanted to get a bit closer to shore to clean our 1/2 limit of rockfish as it was too rough on the outside.

    About 1/2 mile from shore I slowed down, put it in neutral and shut off the main outboard. I looked over at my buddy/boat partner to ask him to pass over a filet knife and his mouth is open in disbelief.

    He's just looking towards the back of the boat, mouth agape.

    I look back and immediately have the feeling that something is amiss.

    Our lightly used, long shaft, 8 hp, 4 stroke Honda kicker motor (just serviced for $600 last month) is GONE!!!

    I have no idea how both of our set screws could have loosened enough for that to happen, and I have no idea how a freaking 80 lb motor could have lifted completely off the transom. The stars must have aligned (in a bad way) and we must have hit just the perfect wave for that to happen.

    I'm in mourning today, still speechless.

    Since I'm not a big fan of the Pacific without a kicker motor I don't expect to be out there anytime soon.

    Hope ya'll have a better weekend than me.

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    Total Bummer. could have been somebody loosened them going to rip you off before you went out? that sucks.

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