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    Default Coney Island fishing report, Rita's Ice Cream

    Monday May 19th I went to Coney Island to fish for fluke.
    I stopped off at Stela Maris in Sheepshead Bay for some bait.
    When I got to the beach the parks department workers were right there.
    I asked them if the "Keep Off The Jetty" sign was for me
    and they said that it was O.K. for me to fish.
    Also they had a huge dead fish in the back of the beach truck.
    The fish was 4 feet long, BIG. Some drum or something. A huge dead fish!

    At the 37th Street jetty it was a sunny day 70 degrees 5 to 10 mph breeze from the east.
    The tide was almost full at 10:00
    So the rocks were wet and I didn't go to the end. Fishing from the middle,
    I tossed out squid strips and frozen spearing for a while
    with out a single bite, then went to Steeplechase Pier.

    The pier was nice and clean . It has just been re built.
    Still a great place to take the sun. Coney Island is getting a big roller coaster.
    I went towards the end and fished the end of the rising tide.
    At slack high tide there was a run of bluefish at the very end of the pier.
    6 big bluefish were caught in a half hour.

    I kept on looking for fluke.
    Right when the tide changed also the wind shifted to an offshore direction.

    Just a skate for me today.
    Also Rita's Ice cream is open in Coney Island.

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    Default Back to the Sea Gate Jetty.

    Tuesday May 22 I went back to the jetty at 38th and Surf in Coney Island (by Sea Gate)
    There were 3 or 4 others fishing when I got there at 10 am.
    The day after Memorial Day a 5 to 10 mph breeze was blowing from the west.
    The tide was low and still falling, 80 degrees and sunny today.
    I just bought "Korkers" rock climbing cleats. They feel great!
    Out at the end I got a small fluke on the first cast.
    I got it on a berkley gulp plus squid.
    Some bluefish were being caught with lures on the west side of the jetty.
    I tied on a diamond jig but got none. I should try a plug sometime.
    This man had 5 blues on a diving plug. He also had a 24 inch striper (too bad)
    Some others had small stripers, blues and a sand dollar.
    Fishing until 1:00 pm It was nice but not too much catching.

    This is the "Sea Queen" in the backround of the jetty.

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    Default Coney Island Weather Vane

    I went to the Jetty in coney Island today June 26th 2014
    It was sunny and 80 already when I got there at 10 am.
    There was a 10 to 15 mph breeze from the south,
    the tide was falling, almost half way out.

    Myself and 3 others were all looking for fluke out on the end,
    I hooked 2 shorts the others all had about the same.
    A man had a real keeper on the end from the north side.
    I fished for a hour and a half, with "GULP" and squid,
    then went back home.

    There was an odd home made sign or perhaps a weather vane
    stuck in the rocks of the jetty.
    A weather vane with only 3 directions
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    Default Coney Island fishing in June

    Back to the 38th street jetty in Coney Island.
    June 30th 2014 another sunny day with an onshore breeze.
    At 9 am. there was only one other fisherman out there.
    The tide was coming in (12:00 noon High Tide)
    I fished with Gulp, squid and frozen spearing.
    All I got was a dogfish (would not hold still for a picture)
    No fluke or anything being caught, I quit at 10:30 and
    went to Steeplechase Pier.

    At the pier there were plenty of fishermen.
    I got nothing but I saw a nice fluke caught.
    probably 15 inches, No porgies, no blues.
    A slow day in Coney.

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