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    Default Sheepshead Bay Party Boats 2014

    Sept 8th I went out on the Sea Queen.
    The Monday morning trip was less than half full.
    A bright mostly sunny day with a full moon and
    big tides. It had rained Saturday night and was cool.
    60s in the morning warming up to 70s, windy.

    The Sea Queen leaves at 7:00, we went to the channel
    straight off the coast of Coney Island. A long run.

    The bait was BIG frozen spearing. Some
    squid and fluke-belly strips were available too.

    I have been using "Gulp" a lot lately. I had no hits with
    my snapper blue halves. Every fish I caught had gulp plus something.

    This first couple of drops was in lots of water 100 feet.
    In the shipping lanes.
    With a stiff breeze our hold on the bottom was light.

    8 Oz sinkers barely got it done. Also we had to move for
    ship traffic.

    One big fluke came up that I saw in the bow.
    There were very few fish.
    Then, finally, the Captain went East to the Rockaway Beach area.

    Off the coast by Fort Tilden he set us in drifts over some rocks.
    This was productive, I had 4 shorts and 2 big fluke in this part of the trip.
    Plenty of fish on everywhere on the boat. No sea-bass. Plenty of sea-robins.
    and dog-fish especially right next to me. Ha ha, my neighbor was "Mr. Dead-Stick"
    I think he got all the junk fish.

    The last stop was all action too. Mostly shorts.
    Some more keepers and tons of sea-robins were caught drifting into Rockaway Point.

    The Sea-Queen is a great boat.
    I like it on the mid-week day.

    The boat is clean enough. The crew is great. Some have been working there forever.
    Some are new. All helpful, Thanks, they earned tip$ today.

    Thirty five dollars plus five in the P00L this is a great trip.
    If you can't catch in the morning go back out after lunch.

    I spent $55.oo at the Jersey shore and got nothing for 4 hours.
    Sheepshead Bay is awesome
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    Default Blackfishing aboard the Ocean Eagle V: Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, NY

    Monday 11/10/14 I took The Ocean Eagle out from Sheepshead Bay (Brooklyn, NY.)
    7:00 am. trip. It was a sunny day for November up to 55 degrees with hardly any breeze.
    Green and white crabs are available for bait. We traveled to the rocks off the coast of
    Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

    They make a special rig.

    I used 6 Oz sinkers

    The blackfish were not biting till 10:00 and I couldn't really get any until the third stop.
    I was right next to the pool fish, a 12 Lb Tautog. I got shorts and one keeper.
    We moved to Sandy Hook (North) and I started catching.

    There were shorts and junk fish around the boat.
    Plenty of dogfish took the crabs. W0OoF Bergalls.
    Some cod, seabass, porgies and a bluefish too.

    The Ocean Eagle is an awesome party-boat.
    The galley is really good, clean boat, great crew and a great crowd.
    This Captain and Crew are so good, the $60.oo fare is worth it and you will want to tip them.
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    Default Blackfishing aboard the "Ocean Eagle"

    Again, I went out on the "Ocean Eagle" Monday December first.
    A partly cloudy and warm day with 10 to 15 mph breeze.
    We went to the Jersey shore and concentrated on two spots all morning.
    In the afternoon the captain made lots of short jumps and anchor shifts to find the fish.
    The fishing was slow and I am not the biggest expert on the boat.
    I got 2 shorts and one keeper and a dogfish all day.

    The fish was delicious, poached.

    Why was there chicken on the fishing boat?

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