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    Default Fishing Report from Brigantine NJ 2015

    May 3rd to May 5th I tried to catch some stripers from the
    surf by 6th Street. I tried at dawn, mid-day and sunset.
    I used bunker chunk, cast 150 feet out, got nothing.

    Next trip...
    I came back May 18th to May 20th, I fished the old bridge
    at the South end of the island.
    I tried Monday morning on an incoming tide, one pole with
    bunker and one pole with whole clam. Not a bite.

    When I fished the old bridge Tuesday afternoon on a falling
    tide, the bite was on.
    Two guys who were using little jigs with red rubber tails,
    had 3 fish in five minutes.
    They were fishing them with a 1 Oz. sinker ahead.

    Wednesday I did a sunset trip at the old bridge.
    The lights from Harrahs keep it bright enough.
    I hardly need my flashlight.
    I wore a winter coat and was warm and toasty.
    It was in the 50s and windy. High tide was 11:30.
    I fished from 9pm till 1 am all I got was 2 dogfish

    Night time catch

    I caught them on bunker with an egg sinker rig.
    I like the egg better than the fish finder.
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    Default Brigantine, NJ. Fishing June 1st

    Brigantine, NJ. Fishing at the old bridge. June 1st
    I went to the old bridge Monday and Tuesday.
    Monday morning at 9 am the tide was falling.
    A sunny day up the 70s. windy 10 to 15 mph.
    I was fishing for flounder (Fluke) with 2 poles
    at first by the beach just west of the bridge.
    I caught this dogfish

    Then I moved up on to the bridge and
    fished with my frozen spearing and squid.

    I finally got this bluefish on the dead stick I had
    one foot off the bottom.

    .......... and a bluefish.........

    Tuesday I wanted to fish the rising tide at the bridge.
    But it was raining and windy. I fished anyway, 3:00 pm.
    Starting at dead low tide, I fished with my flounder rig.
    I had one possible bluefish hit in 2 hours.
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    Default Back to fish at the Old Bridge in Brigantine NJ

    This is a Vintage Sign in Brigantine NJ.
    A business closed and took down their sign revealing this old one.

    June 15th & 16th I went back to fish the Old Bridge in Brigantine.

    Monday, warm sunny day, some breeze, a rising tide.
    I fished from 2 to 5 pm. Didn't get any bites.

    Tuesday 8 am to 11 am I had nothing.
    Not with clam for stripers or spearing & squid for flounders.

    Again I fished the incoming tide. Cooler no breeze.
    There was a big fog on the Jersey shore today.
    I could not see Harrah's in Atlantic City at all.
    The party boats were fishing the bay right in front of us.
    All we heard were the boats horns as they tooted "lines up"
    But you could not see the boats at all, till the fog cleared.

    The man next to me had a small sea bass on clam and a short
    flounder on live killies.
    The flounder was caught right as the tide turned (9:30am)
    Several groups showed up to fish, nobody stayed long.
    That was it for me, next time.
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    Default Fishing picks up after a slow week

    This week, June 29th to July 6th nothing was biting.
    There had been some storms in Pennsylvania and they
    blew off-shore without hitting Brigantine but...
    ...There was a big swell and an on-shore breeze 15 to 30 mph
    when I first arrived. Beautiful days but no fish till after the 4th.

    I had been fishing for kingfish, all over Brigantine Beach
    All I got was these small dogfish in the surf.

    I caught this short flounder from the old bridge at 10 am.
    Incoming tide 80 degrees and sunny, light breeze (5 mph)
    Just Gulp and frozen spearing.
    I had 2 more about the same size right after but I had to stop.

    A new place to try is "Golden Nugget Beach"
    I used my new "Fluke-Candy" rig in the shallow water
    around this beach. The access road is ROUGH. it is
    as tough as my 2 wheel drive car can take.
    From here you can fish from the Brigantine bridge to the Coast Guard
    station by the Farley Marina. No fish today but this may be good
    for me as an alternate spot.

    Golden Nugget Beach
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    Default Brigantine NJ. fishing and Flounder behind Ventnor City

    July 21st I had my usual one short flounder on the old bridge in Brigantine.
    I targeted lo tide to try to catch a tautog under the bridge.
    10 am sunny medium breeze.
    With some squid heads I filled the crab trap and caught a few crabs for bait.
    Then I dropped the crabs down at dead lo tide around the end of the bridge.
    Nothing, no "Tog".
    But while the tide was still falling I got a nice 12 inch flounder on frozen squid & spearing.

    I recommend the skiffs you rent at
    Ray Scott's Dock In Margate, NJ.

    I rented a boat on July 23rd I departed at 11:00 am (lazy time)
    I fished the rising tide in the water behind A.C. Ventnor and Margate.

    The smallest flounder ever

    The rental staff at the Ray Scotts are so helpful.
    I reserved a boat (with a rain date) mid week no problem.
    The 15 horse motor on a skiff is nice.
    You can do so much better with a boat
    We had a dozen flounder and some sea robins too.
    Caught in 4 hours we had only one keeper.

    I had this 18 inch fish by marker #222 behind Ventnor City
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    Default Small flounder and sea-bass in Brigantine, NJ.

    Mrs. Coopie and I rented a boat on August 4th in Margate, NJ.
    The skiffs at Ray Scott's Dock are fun but this time we
    got the big center console Carolina Skiff, with 50 horse outboard.
    Extra room is nice. Built in cooler. nice seats, deluxe boat.
    I bought live minnows and those great squid strips they sell too.

    We started out but I was not ready to fish,
    So I tied off to a buoy marked
    to get my poles rigged up and baited.
    Is that legal?

    This was a sunny day with high tide at 12:00 noon.
    An odd breeze blew in that made it tough to drift like I had last time.
    We got nothing in the whole morning so we went to lunch at the
    Wonder Bar in Atlantic City. Driving the boat up to the restaurant was fun.
    In the afternoon we had one short flounder and some sea robins.

    Short flounder on the deck.

    I had plenty of leftover live minnows so...
    August 5th Am. I fished the rising tide at the old bridge in Brigantine.
    I fished for a while and got one small flounder.
    and trained this seagull to be my pet.

    Next day, Thursday August 6th another sunny morning with an
    on-shore breeze 10 to 15 mph
    At the old bridge I caught a few tiny sea-bass at dead low tide.
    I used some frozen clam on small hooks and a heavy sinker.

    5 inch Black Sea-Bass

    And one more shortie.

    A sand colored fish
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    Default Brigantine fishing pier closed, the jetty and Atlantic City Fishing

    August 17th:
    This week in the Brigantine newspaper an article said
    "Fishing Pier Closed" pending structural repair.
    By fishing pier they mean the old Brigantine bridge,
    part of which is preserved as a fishing platform.

    I wanted to try for kingfish anyway.
    So I took bloodworms and kingfish rigs to the jetty.
    At 8:00 am the tide was coming up, it was sunny and hot already.
    I fished a little for flounder at the "Pink House" with no luck.
    Then went out to the end to fish kingfish.
    All I got was small seabass. Lots of them.

    This and many other small seabass

    .... ...By 11:00 the tide was full and I wanted lunch.

    Next day I tried "Melrose Jetty" in Atlantic City

    Since the fishing pier is closed I wanted to try something new.
    This is a good spot. Parking is free. This is an O.K. part of A.C.
    Another rising tide sunny morning there was a man tossing a net
    for little baitfish and he had plenty. Also a man using crab to try for tautog.
    I tried for flounder, casting out towards the middle.
    Wow the current and rocks here are tough.
    I lost 3 rigs in 10 minutes.
    No fish for me (or the tautog man)

    And I found better parking
    for Golden Nugget Beach.

    Just go to Golden Nugget on Huron Avenue......
    then go past the marina and park in the
    public area right by the beach......
    I fished for a while with no hits but......
    I thought there was a chance because there
    was a party-boat drifting the inlet over
    and over right in front of me......
    Still nothing.
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    Default More Melrose jetty and a nice beach at Caspian Avenue

    I went back to the Melrose Avenue jetty in Atlantic City
    Monday August 31st, 9:00 am
    After going to the bait store in Gardiners basin and it was closed,

    It was a sunny day with a moon tide, and high tide was soon.
    All I had was some salted clam but that was ok for me to
    try this fishing spot.

    The access here is good, I set up to try for tautog or possibly for
    the croakers that I had read were there.
    As I started, the tide was all the way up and the jetty was
    flooded with water sloshing all around under the cement.
    Today there were a few more people fishing than last time.
    I set up for tautog and I think the small
    ones put me in the rocks ok.
    I lost a couple of rigs.
    As the tide started to flow out I had some action west of the jetty.
    I got a better sea-bass, ten inches.
    There were snapper blues caught while I was there,
    al the way at the end.
    Also some small tog. I wish I had some crabs.

    Then I went to see other spots.
    Other jetties in this area are hard to get to.
    There is a public beach at Caspian Avenue and N. Maine Avenue
    Today there is a bathroom & lifeguards, fresh water... nice.
    Also the only stretch of old north end boardwalk is here.
    You can stand on the old boardwalk and fish from a high platform.

    There is always a new place
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    Default Good fishing in Brigantine (and Atlantic City)

    Sept 14th 2015 fishing is good,
    without trying too hard I had plenty of
    kingfish on the beach at 6th Street.
    A bright sunny day with 20 mph breeze
    We went to the beach in the
    afternoon at almost low tide.
    I had small kings caught on
    blood-worms, from the first cast.

    Small Kingfish

    Double Header

    It was tons of four to ten inch fish and then I got
    A Pair of Croakers

    Nothing to keep, just easy fishing.

    Next day Sept 16th I went to
    One Stop Bait and Tackle
    in Atlantic City, NJ.
    They are so nice, this place is awesome.
    One Stop is a treasure trove of good,
    useful salt water tackle.
    All types of bait,
    PLUS He has crabs!

    I took the crabs to the big jetty at the end
    of Atlantic City.
    What a spot, there are so many areas to fish.
    I started at the West end in an area with shelter
    from the in-coming tide. with 1/2 crabs
    I had hits right away. I was being pecked at by
    small tautog (blackfish).

    I finally caught one, it was 9 am by then,
    I also fished further towards the middle
    of the jetty with no luck.

    There are 100 spots to find on this rock-pile.
    Also plenty of cement between the boulders.
    Easy and safe to stand, I will come back.

    Then I went to the boardwalk at Caspian Avenue
    I saw this spot the other day.
    I wanted to see it at high tide
    I had some snapper blues and small seabass
    right away, on some old clam, also a pufferfish.

    Net fishermen were on the rocks to the West.

    Lots of fish are splashing
    around here at high tide.
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    Default Brigantine Jetty fishing report and Atlantic City pool fish

    I took the rest of my crabs to the jetty
    at the south side of Brigantine
    to fish for tautog (blackfish).
    I hit the beach at 7:00.
    There were 2 people plugging for stripers.
    A lady with a fish on the sand and a man
    was still fishing while I got to the end.

    I fished my half crabs on both sides
    I had lots of bites on the inlet side.
    as the tide ran by this was the sheltered part.
    I fed the fish for an hour and landed one short
    By this time it was cloudy and warming up.
    Schools of mullet swam by jumping from the
    predators underneath. The nibbles stopped
    for a while and returned.

    I caught a surprise, a nice
    ................ triggerfish

    I took the fish home.

    Then Mrs. Coopie and I went to the
    Caspian Avenue Beach Fishing Pier.
    11:30 end of the incoming tide.
    The sun was out, with a hot wind blowing.
    I wanted to fish at high water.
    It worked out well, all we used for bait was
    some old bloodworms and salted clam

    We caught lots of stuff.


    Tiny Tautog, A Kingfish, Small Seabass,
    A Puffgerfish and plenty of Snapper Blues.

    Some others fishing on the boardwalk,
    not crowded, just a few.
    The man next to us had a keeper seabass
    A guy on the end had a keeper flounder.
    Our neighbor said the flounder was the pool fish.
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