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    Default Sheepshead Bay Party Boats 2015

    I took the Sea Queen out on the evening trip May 11th.
    The trip was for Striped Bass and Bluefish for 4 hours.
    Fare is $45 plus pool. This is a great boat.
    There were only 10 or so customers on the trip so we all
    had plenty of room. There is no galley service tonight.
    It was a nice evening, sunny and warm when we left the dock.
    Today was hot on land but much cooler on the boat and
    cooler still underweigh. I had extra of clothes,

    We anchored up in the west side of Jamaica Bay
    by Paerdegat Basin, with the other party-boats.

    The sun went down as the fishing started
    We fished bunker chunks on the bottom with
    6 Oz sinkers and fish-finder rigs.
    The crew was chumming bits of cut up menhaden,
    not the usual ground up chum.
    Also there were schools of bunker running all around the boat.
    The mates were busy snagging bunker
    so we had lots of fresh fish to chunk.
    One of the mates almost snagged me, he was so busy getting bait.
    I did try a live one and brought it up again bit in half.
    I had no idea.

    The captain shifted us on the anchor line a couple of
    times and moved twice in the same area.
    Some small bluefish were caught on the boat,
    a couple of short striped bass on board too
    and the biggest fish was a 15 lb blue.
    That guy was not in the pool.

    As the night went on the fog came in.
    At first I could see the lights of Queens, now they were invisible,
    By the time we headed back it was like we had a big black
    curtain ten feet all around the boat. You could see nothing!
    On the upper deck, I watched the captain bring us in on radar etc.
    Back to the dock at midnight.
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    Default Back on the Sea Queen in August

    August 10th I went back on the Sea Queen for Fluke on the morning trip.
    It was a nice sunny day, some breeze and sunny, 80 degrees by 11:00.
    The fare is $35.00 plus pool. I always get in the pool.

    We set out to drift in the middle of the harbor but we did not drift well.
    The wind and tide were going in opposite directions.
    The captain shifted the boat alot: first Ceasars bay, then by Sea Gate
    and finally on Coney Island flats, right offshore from Steeplechase Pier.
    The whole boat caught almost nothing.

    Kyle and the other mate kept everyone supplied with bait and unhooked
    whatever did get caught. They are so nice on the Sea Queen.

    I had one skate, there were a several shorts and 8 keeper fluke on the whole boat.
    Plenty of skate, dogfish and sea-robins were caught. This was a symptom of no good drift.
    Everywhere we stopped there was no movement of the boat.

    The Ranger is also doing 1/2 days

    The Sea Queen is a great boat,
    this is the new website:
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    Default Redemption aboard the Sea Queen

    Monday August 24th I went out on the Sea Queen morning trip.
    It was a hot day partly cloudy with 5 to 10 mph breeze.
    This time I was not going to use gulp or hi lo rigs or other things that
    stop success.

    We started out right away with a quick drift inside Rockaway inlet
    and another short try on Fort Tilden beach.
    Most of the trip was around the shipping channel next to Sandy Hook.
    Other party-boats were doing the same.

    The last hour was drifting 1/4 mile off Manhattan Beach
    There were not too many customers today.
    I was not crowded at all.

    I had 1 short and one keeper fluke (20 inches).

    Also some sea robbins, a dogfish
    and a short seabass.

    Always tip the mates, without them
    there is no party-boat fishing.

    This was a better trip for me.
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    Default Sea Queen VII The Last Day of Fluke Season 2015

    Sept 21st 2015, slightly cool last night up to 80 today
    and breezy on the boat.
    The Sea Queen is the only party boat I have been on ... so far this year.
    I was going to try something else today but the Ranger
    didn't go out. The only boat that fit my schedule was the
    afternoon Sea Queen.
    First I started by fishing for snappers from the dock.
    Something flashed and darted at my bait and passing schools.
    I couldn't hook anything.

    When passengers from the morning trip left the dock the mood was grim.
    I got on anyway and ate. I got my rigs organized.
    Also went to Stela Maris and bought some clam.

    There were barely enough passengers to go out.
    The mate asked that no-one use
    groupons or other internet payments.
    We were all were O.K. with that.

    Everyone was shifted to the starboard side.
    I had the spot furthest forward in the bow.

    The Captain took us to the Ambrose channel.
    I fished with the frozen spearing and with my clam.
    All I caught was short seabass and fluke. Plus 2 sea robins.

    Very few keeper fish were brought up.
    A few nice 10 lb blues.

    It was a nice day aboard the Sea Queen VII
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