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    Default Coney Island Fishing report 2015

    June 11th I went to Stella Maris in Sheepshead Bay for bait (frozen spearing and squid)
    and took it to the jetty at 37th street and Surf Avenue by Sea Gate.

    The 37th Street jetty is a good spot for many different species throughout the year.
    The dividing line between Coney Island and Sea Gate is some
    chain link fence stuck into the rocks of the jetty.

    It was a sunny day hot with about 5 mph breeze.
    The tide was perfect coming in. I think it will be full at 3:30.
    I got to the jetty at 1:00 in the afternoon.
    There were some others fishing for fluke and blues.

    I had some "Gulp" chartuse mullet and 3 0z pyramid sinkers.
    Plus a three way swivel and a wide gap hook with a 24 inch leader

    While I was there a fishing boat was drifting by the beach too.

    They are doing some big work in Sea Gate and the bottom of Coney Island
    Lots of big trucks and a big bulkhead being built south of the beach club.

    Nobody had any fish at all mid-day: fluke or blue.
    The man in the wet-suit said he had caught some
    small stripers in the morning using a swim-bait
    in the surf of Coney Island (by 36th Street).
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    Default Coney Island June 22 The Jetty and the Pier

    Monday June 22 I fished for fluke,
    first at the southernmost jetty of Coney Island.
    I used a tide table to plan my trip.
    So I started - at the jetty - at low tide - at about 8:00 am.
    I had squid/spearing on english bend hooks.
    The sinker I like here is the 3 Oz pyramid.
    A sunny day with some breeze from the south.
    The Sea queen was drifting by.
    There were some others fishing for fluke too.
    I fished with no luck till 11:00 and went to the pier.

    I saw this old water-fountain
    at 34th Street, it is awesome!

    Then, at the Steeplechase Pier, I go to the end.
    The tide was about full, I have seen blues caught here at hi tide before.
    I used my diamond jig for some possible bluefish with no luck.
    Shifting again to fluke rig as the tide started to move out.
    I had this small one at about 12:30.

    Short Fluke
    A few of this size were caught at the time
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    Default Afternoon fishing in Coney Island

    I went to the jetty at Surf Avenue and
    37th Street in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

    Monday July 13th. A sunny day about 80 degrees, 15 mph breeze. I started at dead lo tide 11:30
    Gulp, frozen spearing and squid. also a Spin-Glo on my English bend hook
    The rising tide is the best here at the jetty. I had nibbles and crabs right away.
    The other fishermen at the time had a few short fluke.
    I had a searobin at first.

    I got rid of the Spin-Glo propeller and

    Caught this short fluke
    I think I had some bigger bites after that but I ran out of bait.
    Pretty good fishing.
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    Default A CitiBtke at Steeplechase Pier in Coney Island

    There are some obstructions usually found at the end of the pier.
    Monofilament, sinkers and hooks all get caught up in these items.
    Baitfish also hide in this underwater junk.
    I took my leftover bait from a Sheepshead bay party-boat
    to Steeplechase Pier in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.
    It was a sunny day at low tide 1:00 in the afternoon
    Monday August 10th. 10 mph breeze.

    The guys at the end pulled up a CitiBike.

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    Default Bronx Shore Fishing

    I went to Coney Island on Labor Day.
    There were so many people fishing off the pier,
    I knew nobody could catch anything there for a week.

    The next day, Monday September 8th.
    It was a record setting hot day, 97 degrees,
    humid and almost no breeze.
    The daily news said there were snapper blues
    running in the sound and on the south shore.

    Since there were no fish left in Brooklyn
    I went Shore Fishing in the Bronx.

    1 - Eastchester Bay
    I went to the Country Club Road exit on I-95 right next to Pelham Bay Park.
    This nice little neighborhood has twisty little roads, Go slow to the edge of Pelham Bay Park

    Bay Shore Avenue and Watt Avenue is the intersection.
    From here you can get to the little jetties near the old land fill area.
    I didn't get any snappers but I was casting into possible good spots.
    There were 2 others fishing on the rocks.
    The baitfish were splashing around, they are only two inches long.
    I did get those small ones to nibble at squid but no snappers were present.

    2 - City Island School

    I had, in the past, been able to fish behind the school ball-field at Centre Street.
    This was locked now.

    City Island is mostly Private. many side streets have a beaches at the end,
    but they are only for the residents of that street.
    Restaurants, Yacht Clubs, Marinas and private home owners do not want you
    fishing on private property..

    There is a public park right next to the bridge when you come on the island.
    X You can fish here but is a high tide only spot.
    X Both ends on the bridge used to be good to fish but the construction
    of the new bridge is blocking all around there

    3 - Kilroe Street

    I noticed that Kilroe Street is still not fenced or posted.
    I was able to park legally and fish ok.
    By this time the tide was pretty far low.
    I was fishing in very shallow water.
    No Snappers, just little 2 inch baitfish.

    4 - Orchard Beach

    After sneaking around City Island I went to Orchard Beach
    I fished my Kast master and Snapper Poppers with lots of hooks at
    the far end of Orchard Beach. Also with no luck But I only gave it 15
    minutes. I should have tried here first.
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    Default Blackfishing in Lower Long Island Sound

    Monday October 26th I went black-fishing in lower Long Island Sound
    Pelham Bay Park

    I wanted to fish from the jetty at dawn.
    So I arrived at Jack's Bait and Tackle at 6:00
    Twelve green crabs and I went to the parking lot
    of Orchard beach to get set up.

    There was a reddish full moon setting in the Bronx.
    Cold today 45 but still, no wind till much later.
    I went out to the jetty at the North end of the beach.
    It was quite dark at 6:30 as I put on my cleats
    and went out onto the rocks to fish.

    I used 2 Oz. banks sinkers and a dropper loop rig.
    Gamakatsu octopus #2/0 hooks and some 40 Lb leader.
    Just one hook on the bottom.

    Fishing in this spot I felt it was better for fluke.
    There were few rocks, where I could cast to,
    just sand, right up to the jetty I was standing on.

    While I tried all over the jetty,
    the sun rose over Long Island.
    I saw swirling schools of bait-fish.
    also a large bunch of fish feeding,
    I saw their tails as they went by in
    another circle of activity.
    Not a nibble on my crabs.

    It was out of the 40s now I got down
    from the jetty and went to the natural
    rock beach up towards Twin Island.

    I tried here for a while,
    The area seemed too shallow for blackfish.
    So I walked to the opposite end of Orchard Beach.
    There was somebody wading in throwing
    a lure on the middle of the beach.

    Fishing on the rocks on the South side
    shallow and sandy my bait was untouched.
    Still no bites now by 8:30 I kept looking
    at the City Island Bridge, I want to go there.

    So I went to park on City Island Avenue
    and walked across the bridge.
    Lots of walking and climbing and
    I got to the giant steps on the side of the bridge.

    Plenty of water here and some current too.
    It turns out to be a warm day almost 60.
    There is some breeze from the sound now.
    It seemed like a probable spot but no fish
    took any crabs suspended on the bottom.

    Back at the bait store they said people
    don't fish these shore spots
    too much anymore.
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    Default 69th Street Pier - Brooklyn, NY.

    Today, October 24th 2015
    I went to the 69th St Pier in Brooklyn.
    I got there at 6:30 and it was cold today.
    It was in the 40s with a 15 mph breeze.
    I was dropping half crabs straight down.
    Someone at my local tackle shop said to
    try this and I did, but I was too cold for
    this pier today.

    69th Street Pier - Brooklyn, NY.

    This is a nice place to fish. There are lights,
    cutting boards, benches and even porta potties
    (for the construction workers but we can use them too).
    While I was there one fisherman had 2 small whiting.
    Also some cocktail blues were caught at the end.

    The pier is somewhat in the shelter of the
    Owl's Head water treatment plant.
    There is some odor coming from there.

    This is a nice spot to fish from. Parking is OK
    in the street, you may have to look around for a spot.
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