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    Question Who's Line is it Anyway?

    Where can I buy a replacement tip
    for a Shakespeare Ugly Stick?

    I recently ruined the line on 2 reels because my tip guide was cracked.
    For weeks I was stripping away monofilament every time I fished.
    I thought it was maybe rubbing on some barnacles.
    Like when the line looses it's gloss, this happened right away.
    Sometimes I was seeing a thin thread peeling away.
    So I would strip 20 feet and re-tie terminal tackle.

    I changed reels with new 20 Lb mono...same thing.
    This is annoying.
    When I finally looked at the tip guide I could see 2 cracks in the ceramic doughnut.
    The rod is not too old, I must have smashed it somewhere.

    Environmental Fishing

    Monofilament is deadly.
    The conservationists hate us for birds choked, seals
    drowned and turtles killed by line and hooks.
    When I throw away fishing line I cut it up.
    If I catch a big knot of spaghetti with hooks and sinkers
    in it, I save the hardware and dispose of the mono properly.

    If someone started selling "Bio Degradable" fishing line in 20 lb I would buy it.
    Currently 10 Lb. is the heaviest available.

    Also there is no good non lead sinker for salt water.
    3 to 8 ounce iron weights float around down there.
    I wasted some of money on "Ecco Weights"
    and bismuth sinkers are quite expensive.

    There was a website for Green Fishing Tackle.
    The seller has closed his web-site.

    Does anybody know where I can buy salt water
    grade environmentally friendly fishing tackle?
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    Default Fixing my Ugly Stick

    I bough this

    Rod Tip Repair Kit

    on E-Bay.
    I didn't exactly know the size of the ring or
    the diameter for the end of the rod.
    This was easy, I will order more
    of the one size I used.
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    Default Monarch Caterpillar

    I planted milkweed next to my parking lot
    to help the Monarch Butterflies.
    This caterpillar ate half my plants.

    Monarch Caterpillar

    I moved the bug to a nearby big stand of milkweed.
    I was hoping to have nice big plants by next year.
    This is my environmental effort to help save the Monarchs.
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    Default I would rather fix my old Penn reel than buy a new cheap Chinese model

    It is more fun to keep my old reels (made in USA) working
    than to buy some new cheap Chinese junk.
    Scott's Bait and Tackle lists on-line the parts diagram
    and parts list for all the old Penn reels.
    I had the anti-reverse go bad on my Penn 105 and my
    Penn 105 CS, They are quite different but Scotts
    listed the exploded view for both... I was able to keep
    the both reels working for around $10 of parts.

    That is good for our carbon footprint and for my
    credit-card footprint.
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    I broke the drag knob on my Penn 105-CS
    The brass nut is loose inside the drag knob.

    Oh...the reel is made in China. I have an older Penn
    105 that is Made in Japan.

    Only my Penn 712 or 750 SS are made in USA.
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    Lightbulb Every fisherman INVENTS something

    I have noticed that lots of fishermen invent things to help catch fish
    or clean fish or store fishing-rods or something that you can't buy.

    I saw on a called "Urban Fisherman" the host made a mini chum pot.
    On the sinker end of a winter flounder rig he put a tea (difusion) ball.
    A metal holder for tea leaves with chum in it, so the juices flow through
    to attract fish but the little fry and crabs can't eat the chum inside.

    I am the same way. I saw the jigs that were given out on the rental poles
    for partyboat bluefishing and they were ruined with no chrome.
    So I dreamed up this kit "Jig-Re-Nu" Rubber heat shrink tubing
    used for insulating and marking big electrical cables could be used to
    cover the diamond jig. Add a new kirby hook with surgical tube and
    you have a new jig.

    I put in a split ring to attach the new hook too.

    The shrink tube is sized to fit over
    the regular A-47 diamond Jig.
    Boiling water or a cigarette lighter adds the heat to shrink the
    rubber down over the jig.

    I made up a store type display with several of the "Jig-Re-Nu" kits

    Are they for sale?
    Sure just Private Message me on the forum and I will send you one kit.
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    Lightbulb What do I find on the beach?

    I find one flip flop sandal in the sand.
    I also find plastic bottles, fishing tackle refuse
    and other shoes.

    Mostly, I find one flip flop,
    in the sand or in the rocks or in the mud.
    Flip flops (and other shoes) are very common
    in waterside garbage.

    Uncle Josh pork rind baits or Berkley Gulp
    are famous wet baits that you can buy in
    the tackle shop and use with no refrigeration.

    I want to take flipflops that I find and cut out
    a sort of 2 inch mullet shape from the sandal.

    Then spray half of the bait with chartruese
    or new penny color so each one is partly colored.

    And soak the whole thing in a special
    salty broth of fish oil and shrimp paste.

    Finally package them in a
    vacuum seal bag one each.
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    What is your favourite shop to buy those things? I am looking for a cheap equipment.
    If you love art and you want to change your room, try obrazy wieloczęściowe!

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    Arrow Where to buy Fishing-Equipment

    Best buy is a yard sale / flea market or thrift shop.
    People don't know the value of what they
    have, poles are big and in the way.
    They say things like "Take it for $10 ... go ahead take both"
    Poles are expensive to ship, Get them locally.
    The Salvation Army, even. If the line guides and
    reel seat are good and the pole is fine, buy it

    Reels (especially spinning reels)
    are fragile. it is good to spend
    some more for a better reel.

    E-Bay is good for new or used reels.

    I usually buy tackle when I get bait,
    the bait shop deserves some extra cash.

    I have a good tackle shop where I live
    they have all the old fashioned stuff
    and the modern things I buy too.
    "GULP"... Fluke Hooks and egg sinkers
    are things I will buy from them.

    K-Mart, by me, is a place to save on
    diamond jigs & Berkley monofilament.

    The rod / reel combos
    they have at K-Mart or Costco or
    Wal Mart or B.J.s can be a high value too:
    1 Brand new
    2 Warranty
    3 Rod reel and line all matched and set up.

    If you are not used to matching up poles to
    spinning or conventional reels the combo kit is for you.
    It is bad to have mismatched equipment.
    Awkward to fish with the wrong set up.

    Setting up lots of poles for charter situation
    you should get everything the same.
    For bulk purchase. I would put you in touch with the
    guys who supply Sheepshead Bay Party Boats.
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    Eagle has the best lines in my opinion.
    Check 100wat if you want to know somethin more albout electricity.

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