If you want bones in the 2ft range, they were about a half mile past the line of the rigs, upchannel/ west from them about a mile.

we boated one the Boat I was sailing and hooked released a few others , could see hundreds of them in the clear water, no bird or bait to mark them, just had to sail near enough to see a few breezers. they move fast but if you find them they bite. also got another on a blind jig strike just outside the bell buoy, no school seen.
we had limited ice and just wanted sashimi so only kept the 2
Strange that the usual bait birds dolphin etc absent from view.
Lots of boats running them over on way to islands or Capa Madness.

with the wind down take the kids out

. also small mackeral were to be had in the marina and off the wharf if you wanted free live bait.