Hi guys,
I have been re fitting my 2002 Boston Whaler Outrage 230 for the lat several months and on July 1st I slung the boat into the water at King Harbor. I obtained a slip for the week at Port Royal Marina so bugging out was made very simple. The bait receiver at King Harbor is open from 0600-1400 all days except Tuesdays. Albie is the guy that runs the receiver. I picked up a 1/2 scoop of sardines at 0600 and went up towards LAX. I worked the area with multiple sets back towards King Harbor without a scratch. I went mid Santa Monica Bay and went to the bottom and zilch. The sky was overcast and the sea was lumpy. The next day with similar sea conditions I went south and worked the kelp around PV and inside of Rat beach. I got scratched one time and that was it. Huge numbers of dolphin with bait everywhere. On the 3rd I headed for SBI. I stopped on kelp when I saw it but nothing was home. I went to the Osborn Bank and hung around there for a couple of hours and there was nothing but cold and wind. I went over to Sutile Rock and tried everything from 150' to 75' and nothing. Fished the bay on the backside with similar results. There are several high spots on the N/W corner of the island about two miles away and I drifted those for around two hours and still had a goose egg. At 1415 I set a course back home and just called it. All of my new equipment worked great. I used my new install RayMarine s1000 A/P to drive me home and that was nice not having to steer. I spoke with as many other fisherman in the area as I could and results were similar for them too. Might still be just a tad early.