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    Default Channel Islands Tuna exploration & plan B

    Headed out of Ventura for a 2 day local tuna exploration Saturday & Sunday on the Z-Boat (AKA Z-Ventura Boys). Explored out to about 75 miles in fair conditons and found some good looking conditions and sign but no hook ups. Several areas had bait , birds, and fish marks down around 50 Ft but we couldn't get them to go. About 2PM we switch to plan B and head to the island where we found some big halibut that wanted to play, along with way to many seals. We landed 5 Butts all between 30# and some near 40# class. Spent the night then headed back to the Butt grounds in sloppy but fishable conditions. Fished untill 10AM mostly just brreaking off seals and none of the right kind. Then at slack tide the seas settled down and the fish started to bite, we landed 2 more nice butts, a black SB (Released), a lingcod, and a home guard yellowtail that weighed in at 37#. The YT nearly had me spooled but Ron cleared the lines and we chased him down and after about a 20 minute battle we got him, not bad on a 20# gear. We lost a few more nice butts on the way up, one that I could barley bundge that spit the hook half way up.

    We had 68 to 73 degree clear blue water outside and a bit green inside. Ocean was lumpy going out then settled down later making for good tuna hunting and we had sunny clear skys. All our fish came from 85 to 105 Ft depth on sardine & spanish, the butts wanted the big dines and spanish but the seals did too so we found using smaller baits made it harder for them to find our baits. The rough conditions Sunday morning gave us concern for the trip home but our luck continued and it layed down about noon and we raced home at 22 KTs on flat calm seas. We made one stop on the way where we saw dolphin, seals, and birds workging but again we couldn't get the tuna to come up for a bite. We never saw another fishing boat during the entire trip. I'll post some more Photos later.

    Bills YT 37#.jpg
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