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    A good friend of mine works for PG&E. This story comes from him...

    PG&E sends divers down a couple times a month to check inlet/outlet for blockage and also to see how sealife is faring. They usually send 3 divers down. One who stays at about 20' and the other two go down to the bottom. This time of year visibility is generally pretty poor at only around 6'. Evidently the guy at 20' was waiting and an approximately 15' whitey came out of the dark and bumped him square in the chest. He pushed off as hard as he could, dropped his weight belt and immediately went to the service. The other two divers where still on the bottom. When the other two divers came up they didn't see anything fortunately.

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    They are smart and I've heard of many sightings in that hood.

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    here is the story they posted on a differnt site

    I have been pretty offline for a bit, but wanted to share an experience I had off Diablo Canyon on December 31, 2015:

    Three divers were in the water at the Mussel Watch Station in South Diablo Channel, and one of us (not me) was buzzed by a Great White Shark that he figured was @ 14 feet long! Myself and the third diver didn't see it but we were less than 20 feet away, and below!

    We had just placed a Drop Buoy to use for a circle swim search for the Station railroad wheel and then anchored the boat in the channel next to the buoy. Vis was @ 8-12 feet on the surface with little to no wind and a light out flowing current (duh). Water temp was @ 56 degrees on the bottom. Bottom depth was 51 feet.
    Jim and I had jumped in first and followed the anchor line down to check the anchor. It was draped over a big boulder and a kelp holdfast keeping the chain from sliding off the edge and dropping completely to the bottom. The anchor was actually dangling vertically and occasionally tapping the top of a large rock when a swell would roll by (later I thought it sounded a bit like it was ringing the "dinner bell"). The visibility was pretty bad on the bottom so we decided not to stray too far from the anchor. Myself and Dan were venturing out looking for the buoy rope but the vis was low enough that that just wasn't working. Dan decided to just go up to the surface, get a visual lineup on the drop buoy and then dive down and check it. As he started towards it on the surface a big dark shadow appeared ahead and slightly below him. It materialized into a head-on view of a GWS facing him and then turning broadside and eventually swimming away. It was curious but not aggressive. For a moment Dan was sort of in awe. He said he noticed all the colors and light and dark shading, the broad pectoral fins, the mass and belly girth, etc. It was like slow motion. He later wished he had his camera but still wasn't sure he would have time to get a picture or even video.
    Not knowing any of this, Jim and I decided to call it good and went back to the anchor and then headed up the anchor line back to the boat. My Max dive depth was 51 feet and my total bottom time was 5 minutes. Jim and I had to be very close, probably less than 20 feet below.

    So that is how we ended our 2015 dive logs. What a memory to start off 2016…

    I think we named him "Bruce"….
    3512'34.22"N 12051'35.58"W

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