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    Default Sheepshead Bay Party Boats 2016

    Fluke Fishing Aboard the "Captain Dave III"

    The Captain Dave III
    Monday May 23rd 2016 I went to Sheeplhead Bay
    Fluke season opened a few days ago
    all the boats have shifted to fluke.

    So I tried the Captain Dave III,
    Alex Kenny mentions this boat in the Daily News often.
    I think the new Captain Dave is a good fishing boat.
    A displacement hull with a big indoor cabin.
    The boat is old but quite roomy. Fairly clean head.
    Frozen spearing was the bait plus Berkey Gulp for 2 dollars each.

    The 2 mates were awesome.
    The Captain didn't say much.

    There were only 22 passengers today, Monday
    A nice group. I enjoyed the roomy forward deck.

    9am is the sailing time.
    55$ plus 5 for the pool
    Minimal galley Cup'O Soup Hot dog
    Hamburger & Kurig Coffee.
    I think this is my new favorite boat.

    The fluke fishing was slow in the first two hours by
    Breezy Point & West of the Marine Parkway Bridge
    We could not get the good drift,
    the wind was opposite the tide all day.

    I picked up my spinning pole and used a diamond jig,
    wishing for a bluefish or a striped bass.
    I caught 2 sea-robins like this.

    Then we went into Jamaica Bay by Floyd Bennett Field
    People started to catch more fish. Some short fluke.
    Sea-robins a dogfish some bluefish. There was some action.

    We finished the day around Carnarsie Pier and Raptor Point.
    That is where I had a short fluke and 1 nice keeper fluke.

    This was the pool fish

    Jamaica Bay Fluke

    I caught:
    1 bluefish on the jig.
    2 short fluke and the one keeper-
    22 inches 4 and a half pounds
    $55 Pool fish!
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    Angry I Blew It.... Missed My Chance to Sail on the Capitol Princess

    I live in New York City and go to Capitol Fishing Tackle in Manhattan often.

    BUT I was so busy fishing in Brigantine and doing other things, that
    I missed my chance to sail on the Capitol Princess this year.

    I have to start a new job and there
    is no time for fishing anymore in 2016.
    Has any one reading sailed
    on the Capitol Princess Ever?

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