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    Default Coney Island Fishing Report 2016

    Friday May 27th I went to Stela Maris Fishing Tackle on Emmons Avenue to buy some spearing and a bunker.

    From there I went to the jetty on 38th St. & Surf Avenue. The jetty was off limits due to
    heavy construction at the Southern-most part of Coney Island Beach.
    So next stop was Steeplechase Pier.

    Today is sunny, high temp of 80, 5 to 10 mph. onshore breeze.
    There was talk of big stripers in Coney Island Creek Park that morning...

    I got a spot on the far end of the pier and I fished the incoming tide from 9:30 to Noon. (High Tide)

    One pole with bunker chunk suspended 2 feet off the bottom, for bluefish.
    The other pole with spearing/squid on a long leader, for fluke.
    Some short fluke were caught searobins and skate too. Nothing for me.
    I forgot how hard you have to try not to get stuck. Which is what I did...Get stuck!
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    Default The Pier @ Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.

    Back at Steeplechase Pier Monday June 6th 8:30
    the tide was still rising. It was a sunny day about
    80 with a stiff breeze from the south.

    It had rained like crazy early yesterday evening.

    I fished with bunker chunk for bluefish
    and with squid & spearing for the fluke.
    I had nothing but crabs hitting my line.

    I fished till 12:30

    Out there I saw 4 cocktail blues hooked (2 landed).
    Some skate and sea-robins.
    3 short fluke and one keeper (19 inches)

    I caught nothing.

    These guys all suspend the hook
    4 to 6 inches high above the sinker.
    I should try this here maybe.
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    Post Better fishing at Steeplechase Pier

    Monday June 27th bright and sunny breeze from the East.
    About 80 degrees. I had GULP squid and spearing from
    Stela Maris fishing tackle in Sheepshead Bay.

    The Sea Gate Jetty

    The Jetty at 38th street and Surf has been re-built.
    The stones are better fit but the old cement block
    at the end is gone and the jetty is 25% shorter
    Shorter but safer Sea Gate Jetty

    I fished here next to one other man. We both had No Fish.
    Only crab activity. It was good to try the jetty again.
    I caught nothing for an hour, the rising tide was washing us out.

    Steeplechase Pier in Coney Island

    The tide was still rising when I showed up at Steeplechase Pier
    The wind was building from 5 to 10, now 10 to 20 mph.
    Today at 12:30 there were very few people fishing at the end.
    I fished the rest of the incoming tide on both sides of the pier.

    First I caught
    A fluke

    Then from the other side.
    Slightly bigger fluke

    Finally I had this

    Both of the fluke were about 12 inches, no keepers.
    By now it is 2:30 pm, time to go home.
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    Post East River Blue Claws.

    I was killing time in Manhattan on the East Side. So I went to go look at the East River.
    At about 20th Street 2 men had poles set up.
    August 11th
    It was 90 degrees and humid.
    Almost no breeze, it was the middle of the day.

    I saw they were catching Big-Blue-Claw-Crabs

    Both were using a metal eye bolt on a
    metal chunk with a dead fish screwed on.
    Tied to the weight was a flower of monifilament knotted up to tangle the crab.

    Something like this

    One man had one caught and hauled up a nice crab.
    They had a about a dozen in their bucket.
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