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    Cool Purismima 6/12 report

    PSL sunday 6/12 5.45a, as complete as I can remember after a nights rest.
    up 315am out 350am go to boat storage and meet crew, load up, consolidate gear, ice etc, tow before 5.
    Launched about 5th in line about< 6am, headed south, clear vis, with total4 of self+3, no wind but small close chop kept us down to 20 knots or less most of the way.
    Large fleet of salmon trollers offshore a bit, working every which way, occasional radio talk with most conversations switching from vhf to cellphones.

    Stopped for a crew Break at mussel. picked back up and went to purisima mid water areas 60-100 feet 1 boat was fishing south and out from us.

    good meter marks but slow bite for most of morning, no lings seen early at all lots of 7' rockfish nibling and some getting hooked , maybe lings were full.?

    putting in about 5 hours released many canaries about 15 and quite a few gophers 3-4 dozen, along with numerous small flag/tree/black/vermillion/bolina.
    most all stayed submerged on release but a half dozen gophers needed descent assistance. wind started picking up after noon

    Take retained- much from a few passes of short drift , was about 18 vermilion, 3 white belly , 3 black, 11 bolina, 3flag, 38 counted

    1 legal small ling released and 2 shorts not even close. no cabezon, no blue ,no yellow, no flatfish,

    stopped at mussel/sal area many boats+party boat, swell but surface smooth, dropped big swimbaits to try for lings here, kept 1 more vermilion, released a few odd rockfish that managed to get hooked.

    headed back at 22k+ as wind was closing in. light chop stayed dry almost until breakwater .
    water 55-56 degree range most of day relatively low visability , several whales at sal and some smaller ones in outer harbor .

    awaiting another decent break in Gales schedule for another try .

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    Sounds like a fun trip, way to get out there and enjoy the southern areas. Thanks for the report!

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