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    Post Hook Line and Sinker

    I have been using
    telescoping lightweight spinning poles

    in the 10 pound class for years now.
    These are really cheaply made poles and I am tired of
    using them when I travel.
    Who has a good 3 piece travel rod like 5 or 6 foot long?
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    Question Is This How To Rig a Ballyhoo For Trolling ?

    January 2017 I took
    Cowboy Charters - Cowgirl from Key West Florida.

    I liked the captain and the mate. The boat was fast and clean.
    It was a lovely day but it had been stormy earlier in the week.
    Fishing was slow, we looked for big game at first.
    Some birds to follow, no action.

    We had just 2 bonito (false-albacore) all day
    I rarely go on a trolling charter.
    So it is all new to me. I watched the mate to see what he does.
    This mate was an ex-captain, who didn't mind me looking.

    I saw how to prep a ballyhoo for trolling.

    1 Squish out some guts & Break up the back some
    So it will flex and move well

    3 Cut off bill, cut eyes with scissors.
    I'm not sure of the eyes.
    So it runs straight and not in a spiral.

    4 Hook goes in mouth and out anus if possible.

    5 Wrap 2 rubber bands around the nose to shank of hook.
    There is some wire wrapped on the hook to make a
    tie point for the rubber-bands.

    But I don't do this type of trip often so I am
    not sure if this is how everybody does it.

    The main line is about 30lb monofiliment.
    There is a swivel and a thicker five foot
    Fluorocarbon leader onto a "J" hook.
    All the rods all have big Penn Senator reels.

    Well. There were no fish, and 2 of the guys on the
    trip had gone into the cabin to rest (sleep)

    And then, suddenly, we got hit,
    on 3 lines... BOOM! Boom, boom.

    Fish on.
    The mate woke up the two in the cabin
    and we started fighting in the fish.

    I had picked up a pole with all the line gone.
    All the line was out with the fish. 400 yards.
    I NEVER see the spool on a fishing reel.
    The drag was set low.

    The fish was 1/4 mile away
    Also I couldn't get it to start winding up.
    It just spun on the core of the spool.
    the knot had not bound to the reel
    I held the line with my hand and forced
    it to take up on the reel.

    Then I had to reel the fish in for about 10 minutes.
    My arms were aching! I had to get help.
    This was fun anyway. How long is 400 yards.

    We had one more pass at the school and had one more fish.

    These blackfin tuna were all about
    24 inches fork to nose, 8 lbs each.
    We took home fillets for Catch and Cook at
    Conch Republic Seafood Company
    Key West is Awesome.
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    Post Catch & Release Tools - no license

    I was fishing on vacation in the Florida Keys.
    This time I brought my forceps

    I kept them on me while fishing
    To have them in a hurry.

    Also a nail clipper to cut monofilament
    attached with a key ring.

    This worked out very well for me.

    It is good to have a plan on how
    to land / release fish.

    I keep a weighted treble hook on a heavy
    hand line to haul up fish on piers or bridges.

    I set free lots of interesting fish on
    the fishing bridges of the Florida Keys.

    I let them go without touching except the hook.

    Environmentally Friendly Fishing Tackle

    I used some non lead egg sinkers with no difference.
    The non lead ones are bigger but I felt OK. with it in
    the sizes I tried.
    Which is good because I lost a lot of rigs this year.

    I didn't use my cotton line here, just 20 Lb mono.
    a swivel and a two foot 30lb leader right to the
    hook tied with improved clinch knots.

    I have a project to use biodegradable
    20 pound test Lb cotton for fishing line.
    For fluke (flounder) fishing in New Jersey

    I did use circle hooks sometimes.
    There is a learning curve to using the Circle-C hook.
    The hook should be matched to the fish and hold bait well.
    So I am using some circle and some "J" hooks.
    I am working on it.

    Yellow-Tail Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Slipperydick & Florida Pompano

    These fish also released hardly touched.

    I am an attentive angler.
    I don't usually dead stick it.

    I think the un-attended line is the one that gets
    really messed up in the environment and
    we can prevent this by less multiple poles fished.

    I managed to have no "Gut-Hooked" fish
    this year.

    No hooks left in any fish at all.

    My wife and I come to Florida and see,
    in the stranded animal centers,
    the pain and suffering of injured creatures.

    So much harm comes from fishing.
    Recreational anglers should be more responsible.

    Monofilament tangles, fish-hooks and nets hurt the
    reptiles, sea mammals and birds so badly.
    Tons of fish wasted as "Bi-Catch" every year.
    Lead in the food chain, water and soil is no good either.

    I was fishing with no license!

    I was going to get it at the bait store but I forgot.
    Well this is one of the few times in my life anyone
    asked me for a fishing license and I didn't have it.
    The officer was so nice.
    He said I could just go on the internet
    with my phone on the spot and buy it.
    So I did.
    Thanks Officer
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    Thumbs up The Best Hook Removal Tool

    This is the best hook removal tool I know of.
    The forceps are good but this does very very well

    This is my Fish Hook Remover

    I hardly touch the fish when I use this.
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    Post Eagle Claw Catalog

    I posted that I wanted an upgrade from the cheap
    telescoping poles that I have been using.
    The Eagle Claw catalog
    has a nice looking trail rods $60 at Bass Pro Shops.
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    Lightbulb New Surgical Tube for the Diamond-Jig

    Canal Rubber is 2 miles from my house.
    I like buying in a store better than buying online.
    Canal Rubber has the type I like.

    I couldn't cut it well with a scissor, razor or anything until I tried
    a razor pliers utility cutter like the Craftsman Handi Cut.
    It uses a mat knife blade for a long cutting surface.
    I only use this tool for cutting my surgical tubing, so it stays super sharp.

    This one is a Husky Multi Cut.

    Line up the cut for the longest possible diagonal
    across the length of tubing.
    The blade goes through the tubing like butter, giving a very smooth edge.
    The long diagonal looks good on the end of the hook.
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    Exclamation Environmentally Friendly Fishing

    Environmentally Friendly Fishing
    What would make the fishing hobby less deadly?

    Hooks When possible
    Use single hooks
    & circle "C" hooks.

    No stainless hooks
    No huge multi hook rigs

    If you are fishing right
    no gut hooked fish

    Safer fish release.
    Fast hook removal.

    Air bladder vent, some bottom fish will
    have their air bladder pop out when
    brought up to the surface fast.
    It is O.K. to puncture the air bladder
    so the fish can swim down upon release.
    There is a tool for this.

    Wet hands, don't drop the fish on the deck,

    Respect Minimums
    and bag limits

    We set these numbers for a reason.
    Honor these rules to keep from
    over fishing a species. Don't keep shorts.

    Don't Litter
    Don't make us look bad.
    Leave the water access area
    cleaner than you found it.

    Proper disposal of line.
    Lost braid or mono is a deathtrap in the water.
    Don't be a slob and just cut line, get it all back
    when things break.

    I wish it was easier to buy:

    Lead free sinkers / lures
    Biodegradeable line and leaders.
    Non toxic artificial baits.

    I will keep posting about
    Environmentally Friendly Fishing
    from time to time.
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    Thumbs up Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow (floating)

    I have not fished with plugs successfully that many times.
    The Daiwa SP Minnow is a great plug, I have been
    catching stripers and bluefish consistently now in
    the waters of Brigantine and Atlantic City, NJ.
    This surface swimming minnow has a rattle
    that the fish have to strike at.
    The swimming action
    from the lip, the
    rattling BB.s

    The Daiwa SP Minnow works.

    Made in so many color patterns, you
    will want to try more than one.
    I am using a naturalistic "Laser Green".
    Look at all the variations here

    The 2 treble hooks hanging on the bottom,
    sometimes hook the fish more than once.
    becoming hard to get the live fish off.

    The hooks are sharp. The ring at
    the nose is better for the action
    and is a more secure line attachment.

    You can splash it on the surface,
    walk it in slowly or zoom it fast.

    A stop and go retrieve will make the
    Diawia dive up and down as you go.

    It really catches fish best at the medium retrieve speed,
    at the right speed, the resistance goes up as the lure swims.
    That is when the fish hit it, The stripers get mad at the lure.
    The rattle makes the bass mad. the fish are territorial.

    The look is so natural with the bottom lighter in most patterns.
    The eye and lateral line are seen with shiny scales.
    I watch the lure as I reel it in and it looks like bait fish swimming
    in the water. To me it is visually it is very realistic.

    Store the lure carefully, the hooks can
    scrape the paint of the body of the lure.

    Pretty big at about 5 - 6 - 7 inches it casts very well
    weighing around 1 to 2 ounces floating or sinking.

    The Diawa Salt Pro Minnow really can catch fish.
    You should put one in your tackle box.
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    Post Jeros Fishing Tackle is closed

    Jeros Fishing Tackle is closed
    I heard this at more than one tackle store.
    So the stuff that you see on shelves in
    stores is "New Old Stock"

    I have used so many things from them.
    I am sorry to see it disappear.
    I was told that he started in Brooklyn
    in 1948 and then moved to Rahway, NJ.
    Hersch Jaroslowicz was the founder.
    He had a big warehouse with people tying
    and packing rigs for sale in all the local
    tackle shops in New York and New Jersey.

    I'm sure I still have hooks and a hook holder
    from them. My clam knife and fish scaler too.

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    Lightbulb Plastic Ruler for Fishing

    I have been using a
    metal measuring tape

    to measure fish for a long time.
    I ruin a measuring tape about once a year.

    They go overboard.
    The metal measuring tapes I take to fishing get splashed
    with salt water and go bad in the spring, rust or some way.
    I had one that the yellow paint came off all over my stuff.

    So I bought a plastic folding ruler.

    This one in in 3 one foot sections.
    Made in USA.
    I bought it used on E-Bay.
    A plastic carpenter's 6 foot folding rule
    would be good too.

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