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    Post Biodegradable Cotton Line

    I ordered Cotton fishing line from the
    Maine Thread Company last year.
    I finally had a chance to compare regular 20 pound mono
    and the cotton from the Maine Thread Company.
    There are lots of good nautical colors.

    The sizes are

    0.5 mm. 19 lbs

    0.1 mm. 26 lbs

    1.5 mm. 35 lbs

    2.0 mm. 56 lbs

    First I tried the cotton line on kingfish from
    the shore. It worked ok but I couldn't fish too
    well, this was a very windy day at the beach.

    Then, at home I took the spool off the reel
    and rinsed the line in fresh water. Winding
    the line off the spool onto a wooden box
    to let it dry. It worked, the line was dry
    the next day.
    I reeled the line back onto my reel also fine.

    There should be a special drying spool like an
    oatmeal box. I should make something.

    Now, a side by side comparison.
    I went fishing on the beach on a sunny day at
    the end of June. Windy with a strong tide running.
    I fished for blues with 4 Oz diamond diamond jigs.
    2 similar 10 foot rods, both with Diawa BG60 reels

    One reel with .5 mm Maine thread company
    waxed braided cotton cord.

    The other reel with 20 pound Berkley
    Trilene Big Game Mono.

    The waxed cord does not tie the same way as monofilament
    I had some trouble making the improved clinch knot.

    You have to keep your first loop open with a
    pinkie there is no stiffness in the cotton.

    After tying on my swivel I tugged on
    the cotton line and my fluorocarbon leader.
    The result seems as tough a the twenty pound mono.

    When wet, the natural fiber looks much darker,
    so I would order a lighter color next time.

    I fished with the braided cotton and
    my jig was getting hits by the blues.

    So I kept casting. There is more resistance
    from the line guides and reel with the cotton.
    Also more pull from the wind and more pull
    against the tide with this line.
    It is not a surprise but it is a lot.

    But I was hooking the bluefish today.
    I always have this here, I hook a fish
    and they get off before I can land them.

    I didn't want to give up on the pole with the
    cotton line because I kept on getting bites.

    Then, I got tired and switched poles.
    To the monofilament set-up.

    I still couldn't catch a bluefish.
    They hit my lure and escaped
    before I could beach the fish.


    These blues stopped biting so I switched both
    cotton and monofilament set-ups to bait
    fishing rigs for kingfish. I usually use a 3 Oz sinker on this rig
    in this spot. I had to use a 4 oz to hold bottom on the cotton line.
    There were absolutely no kingfish or anything like that biting today.


    The cotton ties well enough once you get used to it.
    Predictably there is friction with this line.
    The washing out and drying is a big job.
    The larger diameter makes cotton slightly harder to fish with.
    More drag in the wind and water.

    The Braided Waxed Cord comes in many colors
    I am willing to try more experiments.
    There is more friction in this line than monofilament
    and the line diameter is a lot bigger.

    It is possible that the way to a good biodegradable
    fishing alternative is in the leader material.
    Using cotton cord for the main line is a challenge.

    I was thinking of cotton leader or steel leader
    (non stainless so it would rust away).

    Fishing line is deadly when it is lost in the water.
    Birds and mammals are choked and mutilated by
    our lost and discarded line. Less lethal biodegradable
    fishing line should be a part of future fishing.
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    This is true about those fishing lines killing innocent animals, even those fishing net, and tons trash.

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    Yes, Kendall45:

    It is a sad fact, some fishermen are pigs
    when it comes to leaving garbage, or
    tackle in the water.

    When I am looking for a shore fishing spot,
    I check for fisherman's junk like hook pack
    ages...bait containers beer bottles.

    Welcome to


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