There are some awesome fish biting on our fishing charters this week. I donít know if itís the time of year, the supermoon we just had or if thereís something in the water, but there are some unusual catches coming in this week. First off, the sailfish bite has been pretty good. This is the season when the sailfish start biting in good numbers and we havenít even had any cold weather yet. Well, this is usually the time when the weather starts to cool down so good sailfishing is about to become awesome sailfishing. Wahoo are tearing it up out there. With the supermoon and the big tide swings, the wahoo are biting like mad. A few really nice wahoo and a bunch of medium sized ones were caught this week. Usual catches of kingfish, mackerel and bonitos are also hitting the docks.
Weíve caught some unusual fish this week. The snapper pictured above is a humongous dog snapper. I thought it was a cubera when I first saw it, it was so big. These snappers are very rare for us to catch in south Florida, especially one so large. Other strange and unusual bottom fish are biting too. Weíve caught some monster golden tilefish deep dropping in over 600ft of water. Barrelfish and oilfish are also biting. These are not usual catches for our fishing charters. Other big bottom dwellers such as warsaw grouper and some big amberjacks have been caught on our fishing charters this week. Itís been a great month for bottom fishing.
Shark fishing is also starting to light up out there. This week, weíve caught several hammerhead sharks, a mako shark (very rare), a couple of sand bar sharks and a huge bull shark. I think this year will have some awesome shark fishing results. Weíre still not fully into shark fishing season but the unusual fishing conditions had us floating out some big shark baits since the sharks were really riled up with the big moon and super tides. Glad we did because we caught some monster sharks over the past few days.

The effects of the supermoon are still being seen with extraordinary tides, strange fish and unusual catches. As we normalize, look for great catches of mahi-mahi, sailfish, wahoo and cobia to be hitting the docks in the weeks to come. Good luck to everyone fishing out there this week. Iíll sea ya on the water.

Capt. Paul Roydhouse