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    Post Made in USA Fishing Tackle - Internet Search & Retail

    Made in USA
    Fishing Tackle List - Internet & Retail

    I want to say that writing for this list was fun. I did lots of internet research and I'm sure I don't have them all. This is a good wintertime project for a fisherman. If I left out your company Please message me on www.fishreports.net and I will put you in here.

    It is lots of effort to just walk around fishing tackle shops to look & see which items are made in USA So that's why I give so much attention to the internet. I will update the list as time goes by and I will go shopping for more Made In USA Tackle.

    I enjoyed looking at the websites. I learned so many fun things. A tackle company rep called me about the information regarding the "Made in USA" status of the company catalog. What a great experience. I find that I want to buy so many items I read about. This may cost me money.

    I found lots of dead ends on the internet. Here are about 100 listed businesses. I searched and found these winners. They are fun to pour through.

    All the websites I am showing work. You can view and order from these websites today in 2018.

    Some things come from what I remember or have heard from people. Benchmade & Buck knives also Case Knives are good USA companies. Eagle Claw hooks are American made. But lots of lure companies have sold out to foreign manufacture.

    You can buy American in stores if you know what to look for. Usually it is printed on the package or the item itself.

    While making my list, some searches took me to a fascinating labyrinth of internet rabbit holes. There is a magazine for tackle retailers http://fishingtackleretailer.com ...Who Knew? There are so many amazing freshwater lure makers all over the country. So many fishing ideas, a floating jig I will be buying for "Fluke Candy".
    Ice fishing looks amazing I never knew there was "Ice Line". You can learn a lot on the internet. I found a "Diamond-Jig" replacement my lead free fishing.

    2 great American fishing companies we should try to buy from
    Multiple type items - catalog - broad inventory
    American Fishing Tackle Company www.aftco.com/. Is a serious company for heavy duty rod parts, fighting harnesses release clips ...They have really cool bib pants and rain gear. I saw this website and bought 2 "T" shirts. AFTCO is a very well known tackle supplier.

    Berkley www.berkley-fishing.com Gulp baits & Trilene line are Made In U.S.A.
    They have lead free jigs called "bait delivery systems" Some imported items too.

    Next websites to shop.
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    Post Tackle retailers & catalogs you can shop

    Tackle retailers & catalogs you can shop
    Reels & Rods

    Accurate http://accuratefishing.com has spinning and conventional reels an investment grade reel.

    Avet Reels are made in USA www.avetreels.net. Conventional reels that list from $180 to $1,000ish but W0W they are cool reels.

    IRT has high-end made in USA spinning-reels www.innovativereeltechnologies.com To give you an idea of what a fine reel this, each one has a unique serial number. They will customize a reel for you.

    Penn Reels The old American leader in fishing has moved some production out of the USA. Custom-Series, Torque and International reels are Made in the U.S.A. . Penn has re made the "Z" Series reels, not too expensive either. Also the US Senator series are still made in America. www.pennfishing.com

    Seigler fishing reels https://www.seigler.fish/ they make conventional reels here in America. A luxury reel. Made in USA, Some have right and left handed models you can buy one directly from them on the website or from a retail shop.

    Carbon X http://www.carbonxfishingrods.com Carbon X fishing rods are lighter one piece models not expensive serious good looking rods this website is wholesale.

    Falcon Rods http://falconrods.com has Made in USA rods with Fuji guides and reel seats. T shirts & special Peacock Bass lures

    Grandt Rods https://www.grandtrods.com/ 34 years running. USA Made Rods with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Grandt Industries: high quality line of products featuring the finest custom fishing rods in the world.

    Razr Rods LLC http://razrrods.com/ Makes Spin, Cast and Fly rods in America Even the line guides are made there in Springfield, MO. One and two piece freshwater rods.

    St. Croix Rod http://stcroixrods.com/ A great rod company. Tournament grade rods. You can buy them retail or by catalog.

    Big Game
    Big Fat Tackle http://www.bigfattackle.com/ Gaffs, Harpoons, Darts and Swivel Rod-Holders. Also heavy duty custom boat accessories: davits. tow bar & radar tower

    "Top Gun" Saltwater Trolling Lures http://ballyhood.com/ Top Gun makes trolling lures, teasers big stuff. You can order on line

    Baits and Lures

    Acme Kastmaster lures http://acmetackle.com Awesome lure Lead free too
    The Kast master is a heavy shiny metal lure that is good in all sizes. It animates very well in the water. Also Little Cleo, Steel Lee, Phobe and Kamlooper spoons. Plus an unusual lure: The Acme Hyper Glide has a gliding swimming action and 3 hooks!

    All Terrain Tackle - Savage, MN- www.allterraintackle.com has bass jigs with skirts for fresh water a weedless jig is the main product

    Bass 'n Bait Co. Home of the famous "Rattle Snakie" http://rattlesnakie.com/ is an awesome company in Ohio they make a special freshwater spoon order & pay by check.

    Beachhold & Son Flasher Lure www.fishcatcher.com Comes from California. Trolling lures for salmon, char. Swivels and snap swivels, steel line all this is made/sourced in USA.

    Boob Jigs... I am still laughing at this one. http://www.boobjigs.com Do they work? Made in USA

    Bullbuster has a very spiffy website. they sell line and leaders for big fish also swivels www.bullbuster.net Order direct from the factory

    CMT tackle www.cmt-tackle.com CMT tackle has made in USA Jig heads, shad darts and the floating jig that I like for jersey flounder fishing (fluke candy)

    Daddy Mac Lures http://www.daddymaclures.com/ Daddy Mac Lures is home to superior quality fishing lures geared towards saltwater fishermen. I saw these lures in a bait shop and looked them up. Great!

    D.O.A. Lures www.doalures.com has soft rubber shrimp, crabs, shad and jig heads.

    Dolphin Tackle Co www.newporttackle.com Metal jigs lead heads molds sinkers lots of lead from Anneheim CA.

    Eppinger fishing tackle www.eppinger.net The Daredevle is still made in Dearborne MI. Everybody knows this freshwater spoon's shape and color. Buy lures in stores or online directly.

    Fish Accent www.fishaccent.com/ has jigs, spinnerbaits. Accent fishing Products include weedess jigs, rubber skirts and buzzbaits.

    "Fish Brothers Tackle Company" www.crawdadsfishingtackle.com on the web has a selection of spinnerbaits, soft plastics, worm weights, swivels, steel fishing-wire and special jig heads / weighted hooks. Made in USA

    Flippin' the Bird https://www.flipinthebird.com/ These lures are birds! With a backwards barbed hook and bird/frog size Lures, cool site.

    Franks Live Bait and Tackle http://www.frankslivebait.com Fluke rigs & Tube lures made in USA - other saltwater fishing tackle.

    Gator Lures http://www.gatorlures.com/ has excellent spoons and other metal fishing lures, I have big salt water models, they work well on bluefish! Gator Spoons are made from highly polished 304 stainless steel or are 24 karat gold plated.

    Gibbs lures http://www.gibbslures.com Freshwater and Saltwater Natural Wooden Plugs.
    Tuna Candy, Polaris Popper and Danny Deep Diver. Since 1945 I want one

    Gopher Tackle www.gophertackle.com U.S.A. Made Mushroom Head Jigs - Spinner Baits

    Greenfish tackle "​We create fantastic lures for your bass fishing enjoyment" http://greenfishtackle.com

    High Roller Lures www.highrollerlures.com Freshwater and saltwater. The world's finest line of custom, handmade wooden lures. Produced for avid fishermen who desire the best quality. Let's not forget the "GO TO" lure for catching trophy peacock bass in the Amazon.

    Hopkins https://www.hopkinslures.com "No Equal" is what I have some of. Also... There are big jigs for salt water...sand eel rigs a good American company and the lures catch fish too.

    Kams Fishing Lures and Outdoors has a line of freshwater lures for muskie and such they have weights and some other good stuff made in USA - Floating jigs could be good for my fishing. http://www.kamsfishinglures.com

    Kens Custom Tackle http://kenscustomtackle.com/ Kens Custom Tackle has spoons for trout & salmon also the trolling accessory the Trolling Dodger

    Mann's bait has fresh water and salt water lures. A proud American Lure company in Eufaula, Alabama http://mannsbait.com Shop these lures online or in stores.

    Magic Bait www.magicbait.com is great catfish bait. The T.V. commercial was awesome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtqqFjaGSDM You should be buying Magic Bait Made in USA

    Mepps Spinners http://www.mepps.com Mepps is a classic USA company and you can shop with them on line directly

    Ozark Tackle Inc http://www.ozarktackle.com Shakey Head jigs a special freshwater lead head...weedless. Stands up on the bottom soft baits, worms, crawdads & frog. Buzz baits with a skirt all made in USA.

    Rattle Trap Lures are fresh and salt water rattling plugs very nice. http://www.rat-l-trap.com

    Skippers Jigs http://www.skippersjigs.com/ Freshwater lures. A funny moon shaped jig...Hand Made In USA. order online

    Talon Fishing Unlimited inc. http://talonfishing.com/ makes jigs spinners soft plastics but especially the "Preacher Jig" a special pattern

    Touch Down Lures www.touchdownlures.com has fresh water soft plastics.

    Uncle Josh Pork http://www.unclejosh.com/ Preserved baits. Little stinker catfish bait. Uncle josh stopped making the pork rind baits in 2015.

    Yellow Bird makes planer boards for trolling and various freshwater spoons plugs a very interesting in line spinner. http://www.yellowbirdproducts.com/

    Tackle, Components and Such

    B.C. Angling Post http://www.bcanglingpost.com is a place to buy spinner blades and brass beads bells clevis like components for lure making made in USA.

    Comal Tackle Company makes the popping floats I use for catching snapper bluefish http://www.comaltackle.com. lots of foam floats & bobbers.

    Katydid fishing products LLC near Kissimmee FL. www.katydidfishingproducts.com Makes a very nice rod holder for the side of your boat called the spider fishing rod holder. 100% made in U.S.A.

    Legend popping corks http://www.legendpoppingcorks.com This "Bobber" has ball bearings inside and is used in a floating rig.

    Jasper lures LLC http://www.jasperlures.com makes spinner blades in Fancy Gap Va. You can buy these on the website.

    Sampo Swivels & Snaps www.samposwivels.com/ Made in USA high quality where you need it. Spinning trolling any kind of fishing use Sampo swivels It is the most important piece of tackle on your line. Sampo swivels are for sale at any good tackle outlet.

    Amazing freshwater fishing find http://www.salamandersinkers.com salamander sinkers are lead free. and made in USA. W0W!

    Next: Ice-fishing Fly-fishing and Wholesale.
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    Post Made in USA Fishing Tackle, Fly Fishing, Ice Fishing and Wholesale

    I found out a lot by reading the catalogs from the big companies.
    Some big catalogs that are fun to read:

    Bass Pro is, of course, an amazing catalog company and their stores are a destination for fishermen from around the world. http://www.basspro.com/ But the on line catalog does not mention where things are made. I live near a Bass Pro Shop. The merchandise is mostly labeled by the store as to country of origin. Offering the largest selection of quality outdoor gear anywhere.
    Bass Pro Lazer Eye Pro Series Buzz-Baits & Tournament Series Soft-Baits are Made in USA.

    Cabelas Catalog has a tools from USA section. and a USA footwear section. I have used their catalog for nice items, good price & good delivery http://www.cabelas.com They sell American and imported merchandise.

    DICKS Sporting Goods is very helpful because the product detail sometimes shows the country of origin. http://www.dickssportinggoods.com Also I have bought from their "Brick and Mortar Store"

    Fishermans Central http://www.fishermanscentral.com/ Is an excellent freshwater catalog company.
    Take time to read this website.

    Tackle Direct http://www.tackledirect.com A giant inventory, Everything.

    Ice Fishing

    Beaver Dam Ice Fishing is an American company in the Hard and Soft Fishing Group. http://beaverdamicefishing.com/ Rods, Tip-Ups, Jigs & Accessories.

    Custom Jigs and Spins http://customjigs.com/ Coralville, IA. called to tell me about USA content, everything except the rods. The tackle selection is all for freshwater. 90% Made in USA, Custom Jigs and Spins, Tungsten Ice Jigs and a special unique spoon for freshwater. Catfish bait, fish-holder, tackle boxes, soft plastics. Special floating jig I want to try for flounder The flu-flu-floater.

    Fish's Sporting Toys www.icesaw.com special ice saw W0W! There is a lot of Ice Fishing out there! Winger Minnesota. The only product here is a hand operated ice saw. This is the best one.

    JR's Tackle Freshwater lures "Hammered Stop Sign" caught my eye. Ice fishing a specialty http://www.jrstackle.com Has Salmon Spoons, Special Spinner Blades, Tungsten Ice Jigs, all Made in USA

    Productive Alternatives - Ice Fishing Equipment Inc http://www.paiff.org A very good company Putting America to work. offers the Rattle Wheel https://www.cabelas.com/product/Prod...el/1274624.uts and the Slush Inhaler https://www.thrillon.com/tag/product...-inhaler-59-99

    Fly-Fishing rods, reel, line, flies and tying supplies

    Aspen Reels fly fishing for a lifetime www.aspenreels.com/ Made in USA.

    Fly Fishing Creations www.flyfishingcreations.com/ has wooden fly tying boxes a rod holder a landing net. Other fly accessories Made in the USA.

    Galvan Fly Reels http://galvanflyreels.com Amazing Sacremento CA company 100% USA made fly reels. this a gourmet company

    Joe's Flies http://www.joesflies.com/ flyweight inline spinners. Ultralight spinning lure. See them at Bass Pro too.

    Nautilus fly reels are at www.nautilusreels.com. Fly reels that look like the inside of a Swiss watch.

    Ross Reels are fine fly reels proudly Made in USA www.rossreels.com Lots of good types of fly reels PLUS bright color models too.

    Sage fly reels and fly rods www.sageflyfish.com is a 100% Made in USA company.

    Scientific Anglers is a fly line company based in Michigan. www.scientificanglers.com/ The first fly line to use tungsten instead of lead in sinking fly line. They are 100% made in USA. Not everything is expensive. Scientific Anglers is a fly fishing industry leaders for decades.

    Saracione Reels http://www.saracione.com are very nice fly casting and conventional baitcasting reels for trout-salmon fishing. Not cheap at all. Made is USA.

    Thomas & Thomas World's Finest Fly Rods Many types of made in USA fly fishing rods. http://www.thomasandthomas.com/
    OR http://www.anglersworkshop.com/Thomas-Thomas

    Manufacturers Wholesale only

    Bullet Weights http://www.bulletweights.com Great company. non lead sinkers - good things. Buy these on Amazon, Cabelas & Fish USA Wholesale. Made in USA.

    Bay de Noc Lure Company http://www.baydenoclure.com is a manufacturer not a seller, they have the Swedish Pimple and other deep water lures

    Bett's Tackle http://bettstackle.net "Betts" is a USA company there is a floundermatic jig I want to try. They are a wholesale company in North Carolina

    BogaGrip https://www.bogagrip.com makes a fish gripper that is a scale with IGFA certification but they are a manufacturer we have to get this from a dealer (retailer) 100% made in USA in Eastaboga Al.

    Eagle Claw has an amazing catalog to read. www.eagleclaw.com The hooks are Made In USA but it is the manufacturer's listing. Look for their products everywhere. Wholesale only.

    Lamiglas Makes fishing rod blanks here in the USA www.lamiglas.com Lamiglas is a well known rod maker.

    Plano Molding. Some Plano Tackle Boxes are American made. Some imported.
    I saw both at the tackle shop the other day http://www.planomolding.com

    Rome Speciality Company Roscoe http://www.roscotackle.com/ is a big OEM of fishing tackle components. Sampo is one we buy in the store or catalog. They make Donnmar pliers too www.donnmarpliers.com fantastic useful pliers 100% Made in USA

    Run off lures http://www.runofflures.com/ Salt water Tube, Diamond Jig, Fluke jigs, Squid skirts teasers Tautog jigs & spoons.

    S & S bucktails has the big bucktail jigs you need in salt water http://www.ssbucktails.com/

    Simms www.simmsfishing.com Simms waders are made in the USA Wholesale only.

    Super Strike Lures http://www.superstrikelures.com I was looking around the tackle shop and the clerk shows me Super Strike is USA made.

    Team America Tackle, I buy these rigs in New Jersey tackle shops. http://teamamericatackle.com/. The kingfish rig hooks fish very well. They use a circle octopus type hook -Killer- Designed, tied & packed in USA!

    Thomas lures Freshwater spoons www.thomaslures.com & In-Line spinners Hawley, PA.

    Touchdown Lures https://www.touchdownlures.com/ Touchdown Lures are Made in USA freshwater worm rigs. Kit boxes & Grubs there is a cool color-chart but this company is a wholesaler so you need to see their stuff in Indiana. Leeches! I have never tried leeches before.

    Worthco Lure Components http://lurecomponents.worthco.com/ is a manufacturer that sells wholesale only, lure components (spinner blades & spoons) and other things. Their stuff is made in USA but you can't really set out to buy it. Wholesale only.

    These companies make the tackle we might see
    in a store setting, in a catalog or online.
    Name brands to look for.

    Please PM me here on www.fishreports.net
    if there is something I should add or delete.
    Thanks for looking at my list,
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    Cool The list gets longer

    Additions for the Made in USA Tackle list,

    Manufactures in this country are proud to be making products here. I hope the idea catches on.

    The L.L. Bean Catalog

    Looking at The website. I am happy to report that Bean has lots of Made in U.S.A. items mixed in with their imported merchandise.

    Not much of L.L. Bean's fishing tackle is listed as American Made:
    The Boga Grip fish weighing scale is listed
    as well as a L.L. Bean (made in Maine) Ice fishing trap. Also Spyderco Tri Angle Sharpmaker

    Dexter Knives is a made in USA knife company. http://www.dexterrussellcutlery.com/
    They have fillet and skinning knives, professional working knives.

    Fishing USA
    G. Hirschfeldt Co. is a huge fishing tackle business

    American Fishing Wire https://www.afwfishing.com/
    Bass Assissin https://bassassassin.com/
    Bay rat lures https://www.fishing-usa.com/bay-rat-lures.html

    Are some of the names they carry internationally.
    I am in contact with the company to try to learn what American brands they represent, then I will put them into the body of the list.
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