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    Post Fishing Report from Brigantine NJ 2017

    Atlantic City "Toggin" & Brigantine Stripers.
    April 17th I went to Brigantine and Atlantic City to fish for Tautog (Blackfish)
    It had rained the night before and was a little overcast
    5 to 10 mph breeze from the North East. 65 degrees at 8 am when I went
    to "One Stop Bait and Tackle" on Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City.
    Noel at the bait shop had posted there were good blackfish to be had from
    the jetties in A.C.

    The jetty access was not as good as last year, construction of a new sea wall
    is blocking fishing access on some of the jetties.
    First I tried the Caspian Avenue Boardwalk and then I took
    my green crabs to the western end of the "T" jetty for an hour.
    I didn't have any bites that I could tell. I just kept on loosing rigs.

    One Stop
    is a treasure, you can get good bait, perfect tackle and free advice here.
    Bass Pro doesn't have the personal charm or any bait.
    Always give the local bait shop a try.
    After Toggin I went back to buy a pint of clams for striper fishing on Tuesday morning.
    Noel's clams are extra tasty, I think he uses Kosher Salt

    Next day was cooler 50 degrees and sunny at 7:30
    I took the pint of clams to the beach in Brigantine
    a bit past low tide with the same NE wind as yesterday
    I fished at the 8th street entrance and had hits on my clam right away.
    I was using a 3 Oz pyramid sinker and a big "J" hook
    suspended about a foot off the bottom with a dropper loop
    and a little white buck-tail teaser on the hook.

    I had this 17 inch striper in 2 casts.

    I had hits on every clam I threw in the water.

    In a half hour I caught
    2 more fish, same size.

    SO then I threw my Hopkins "No Equal" spoon
    and right away I had a fish on. A much bigger fish
    I reeled it in to the place where the water is
    2 foot deep and the waves are crashing and there it spit out the hook. Lost it.

    I did it again and lost the fish in the churning surf.. Next time I cast to
    the same place and same result. Just a little jigging the spoon
    and boom a big fish picks up the lure and runs.
    Same result over and over, I checked the single hook on my spoon.
    The hook was a little streched. I bent it back but again when
    I cast an immediate strike from a bigger fish, bluefish or bigger
    striper I don't know but they are smart.

    I was going to switch up to a treble hook or something
    but I had to go to work.
    I had to walk away from water that was full of stripers.

    I can't wait to get back here, maybe next week.
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    Thumbs up Another Striper on the beach of Brigantine

    Good fishing in Brigantine.
    I caught a 24 & 1/2 inch striper today at the 6th Street jetty.
    - 7am - bottom of the incoming tide - pea soup fog -
    dead calm - 60 degrees.

    Foul hooked with a Black Bomber

    I was on Brigantine Beach looking for the fish that were hitting
    my Hopkins spoon 2 weeks ago.

    This week I was having no luck.
    So I shifted from 8th St. to fishing
    the rock pile jetty on 6th Street.

    I tossed the Hopkins NO=EQL
    some more, no bites. Then I tried the
    Black Bomber Magnum Long-A
    a few casts, just to see
    if I could present it well here.

    W0W I caught something big. I was standing on rocks
    so before I could land this fish I had to walk back to the sand.
    This fish tried to get away, to get into more water.
    I fought it for a few more minutes. I saw it was a striper.
    Then I saw that I had foul hooked it in the side.

    Quickly measure, photograph and release.
    This was better for me.

    Later that day the fog blew away,
    I tried to fish the Jetty at the south end of the island.
    It was very windy, 25-30 mph, from the South-East,
    by now it was high water and the breeze was blowing
    the water all over the jetty and
    I didn't want to get splashed.

    Then I tried jigging for blues at Harrah's
    and the Brigantine boat launch ramp.
    No luck in these further back spots.

    I didn't try again the next day (Tuesday) 10 am.
    It had stormed last night and was still too
    windy to really fish at the beach.
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    Post Not this week

    May 7 & 8th nothing for me in Brigantine
    I fished southernmost jetty with my bomber.
    Morning at high tide, it was cool and windy,
    I ran my plug up and down the jetty a lot.
    No hits, just practice. Tossing the diamond jig too
    (in the deep end) was good fun but no action.

    Also later in the afternoon at the 6th street beach, less
    wind here, easy to cast, but no hits on any of my lures.

    Next day in late morning on the incoming tide;
    windy, cool and sunny, I fished with fresh bunker
    chunks for an hour. No hits, is it flounder season yet?
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    Post Can you eat skate?

    May 16th 2017I fished the 6th Street jetty
    on Brigantine Beach at 6:am, low tide dead calm, warm & sunny day

    I fished my black bomber around the jetty during low tide.
    I switched to clams 1 foot off the bottom with a
    buck-tail dressed hook. I caught this skate.

    Can you eat skate?
    Then I tried diamond jig and Diawa SP Minnow
    as the tide came in. No big fish took these lures today.
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    Red face Catch and Release - Brigantine Bluefish in the Rain

    May 22nd It was soaking rain 70 degrees,
    completely still, falling tide, 8 am. Raining.
    Dead calm, There was almost no surf rolling in.
    I fished the jetty at the South end of Brigantine.

    I got there by car, which was fun,
    good in the pouring rain.

    I took my Ugly Stik and plugs out on the rocks,
    using "Corkers" on my feet to keep from falling.

    There was another man there throwing a silver jointed plug.
    So I walked half way out and tied on my
    Daiwa SP Magnum Minnow.

    I cast it straight out to see how the lure was running for me

    First cast, I hooked a fish.
    Hoisted up onto the rocks.
    17 inch bluefish

    I caught one with a
    brass trolling lure.

    The Diawa SP Laser Green Shiner
    did it best, I had hits on the diamond
    jig but I didn't hook the fish.
    Working the SP Minnow was so easy.
    I took 2 fish home. The rest were
    Catch and Release

    The next morning it was drier still cloudy
    at high tide about 7:00 am
    Some breeze, about 5 mph. More surf also.
    Today I parked at Pepper Cove Lane
    and walked onto the jetty.
    I had brought some bunker
    but never used the bait.

    I started fishing in the same spot
    and I had a fish on, right away.
    On the plug again.
    Some escaped today but I had
    Three 17 inch bluefish
    and this 24 inch fish.

    Daiwa SP Magnum Minnow
    40 Lb fluorocarbon leader.
    Sampo Black #4 Swivel
    20 lb test green Berkley main line,
    10 foot med/heavy Ugly Stik
    Diawa BG 60 reel

    At One Stop Bait & Tackle

    in Atlantic City I show Noel my catch.
    He had sold me the Diawa SP Minnow.
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    Thumbs up Brigantine Bluefish & Atlantic City Striper

    Monday May 29th Memorial Day 2017
    The coldest Memorial Day in a decade
    according to the T.V.
    Raining on and off.

    I went to the jetty at the
    South end of Brigantine

    fishing with lures, 7 am I was the only one there.
    Beginning of the incoming tide, some surf
    I caught a 24 inch blue with the SP minnow.

    So I went back home to get my
    Brother in Law and Nephew.

    Now, when we got back there were 20 guys
    on the rocks and the tide had come up some.
    More breeze blowing too.
    We couldn't get started fishing, nothing
    caught, I got soaked, almost washed off the
    jetty trying to get a lure that was stuck in the

    Next day, still raining, I fished from the
    Harah's parking lot. I used the
    floating plug, Crocodile spoon, Hopkins No=EQL, and
    diamond-jig. Nothing, good practice.

    A fisherman showed up with a jig and pink rubber tail.
    He fished for a while and pulled out a 10 inch flounder.

    I quit for lunch, then I went to the
    Caspian Avenue Boardwalk
    in Atlantic City,

    others were out there with cut
    bunker, I saw nothing caught in an hour.

    I worked my lures; heavy jig on the bottom,
    spoons in the middle, plug on top.
    Nothing here for me today.
    This is such a good spot,
    many types of fish to try for here.

    After looking at the jetties of N.Maine Ave.
    There has been construction in this area.
    You can get on most of the jetties if you can climb.

    I went to a spot I had tried last summer
    for flounder. Just to try, I didn't expect a fish.
    New Jersey and
    Carson Avenues

    Four in the afternoon tide getting low.
    70 degrees, much less breeze here.

    This is a quiet residential area.
    You don't show up here at 1 am with 2 trucks
    and 3 guys and 4 buckets and flashlights and
    a cooler, a radio, talking and making noise.

    In the empty lot, not the nice parking lot.
    I cast my plug next to some pilings,
    in the direction on the Golden Nugget.
    Second cast,
    I caught a 25 inch striper

    in shallow water. I released the fish ok.

    I have no pictures at all because my cell
    phone got soaked on the jetty yesterday.
    The phone has eventually dried out.
    That is how I have a picture of the 24 inch bluefish
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    Cool Return to the Scene of the Crime / Brigantine Blues - Atlantic City Stripers

    Morning June 5th, cloudy and calm at
    6am On the Jetty at the Southern end
    of Brigantine Beach. Cool today. It has
    been a cool Spring this year. Hi tide.

    So I return to the scene
    of the crime, because
    fishing was good last

    There is only one other man fishing
    this morning, he is at the end of the
    beach. The high tide water line.
    I went half way out passed him.

    The Diawa S.P. Minnow in Laser Green
    floating has been catching fish for me
    big time this season. So I start casting
    my plug into the deep inlet side.
    I worked the plug on the beach side too.
    Also fished a crocodile spoon, Hopkins
    spoon and diamond jig until 7 am.
    Nothing, I was done. Tide was going out again.
    I noticed the other man had a fish on.
    That's when I shifted passed him 60 feet.
    The wind had picked up some.
    I had bluefish in a couple of casts.
    He was catching like crazy.
    2 other guys showed up and
    started catching to my right.
    7:30 2 fish in the bucket

    4:00 pm back to the end
    of New Jersey Avenue

    Still 65 degrees, no breeze here.
    This spot is so good
    I had a striper here last week.
    It was raining now, tide coming up.

    I used the Diawa Minnow around the pilings,
    casting out towards the Golden Nugget.

    Fish on right away. This is the fish waiting area.
    It is easy to land them on the natural beach here.

    Mixed blues and stripers all 24 inches long.
    I lost a couple and caught 5 nice fish.

    24 inch striped bass

    2 foot bluefish

    7:00 am at the back bay
    spot Atlantic City NJ.

    I had to try for something big in the morning.
    I came up to the water quietly. I tried to not
    spook the fish. I did scare 2 ducks, they flew

    Not raining but still cloudy and cool.
    I started with the Diawa plug.
    Nothing for a while. I tried the Black
    Bomber and this big bluefish smashed
    the lure. It suddenly hit with a splash.
    Right as the plug swam by a piling.
    This was a bigger fish than yesterday.
    I fought hard because you can loose
    them in structure that is underwater.
    This was a big blue.
    Also it was wounded (not by me)
    on both sides. I released it, poor fish.
    I had another 24 inch bluefish on the Bomber

    Another 24 inch bass caught on the green minnow
    So I wanted to try my old school popper.
    I retrieved this by a piling, holding it up high on
    the surface when it swam by the fish.
    I "popped" the lure a couple of times
    It worked, I had a swirl from a fish.
    I cast again and did the same thing, this time
    the fish hit the lure, Boom. It was a striper.
    Striper on the Creek Chub

    This fishing was amazing. I just want to say
    I filled 2 plastic bags with garbage from this
    vacant lot. It is one way to pay for a good
    fishing trip. Leave the place cleaner than you
    found it.
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    Question What happened to your "Mojo"?

    My co-worker asked me
    "What happened to your "Mojo?"
    I have had 2 weekends with no fish caught.
    End of June 2017

    I guess it is a transition. The water has warmed up.

    My back bay spot didn't produce on 2 morning
    low tide trips.

    I spent lots of time jigging on the beach to no avail.
    I thought the mystery bites were maybe weakfish.
    I would get bites on jigs on the beach but not land any fish.
    My friend at Capitol Fishing Tackle said it may be weakfish and
    you are loosing them by fighting too hard...I caught none.

    I tried King fishing on the Brigantine jetty
    and the Caspian Avenue boardwalk.
    Bloodworms on the kingfish rig.
    All I got was a 4 inch seabass.

    Also I tried parking in Harrah's and fishing under
    the Brigantine bridge, on the Atlantic City side.
    This is a cool spot but I had nothing. Kingfish or striper.

    Maybe July 4th week
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    Talking Bag of Mussels

    I had been chasing some action in the surf of Brigantine.
    Fishing various times and tides with my extra beach time.
    There was something biting my jigs in the surf.
    I couldn't land the fish.
    Over and over I cast and hook something, then
    I loose it in the 3 foot surf, the fish was coming off.

    I tried different lures. metal spoons.

    Big diamond A 47 jig
    Hopkins NO=EQL
    Crocodile BIG spoon

    I only had hits on the bigger ones that I could cast far out.

    I talked with the guy at the tackle store and he said
    "I might be getting weakfish."
    "Could you be fishing them too hard?"

    I said "Yes maybe" "I thought they were bluefish."

    I then bought 2 Kast-Master 4 Oz. lures to try and fish them lightly.

    One day I had been standing on the small jetty at 6 the St.
    I was tossing the plug I had used earlier in the year to get a striper.
    The tide rose and the jetty was a wash, so I fished from the sand.
    I tied on a my new lure.
    Then I had one of those hits so I reeled in so gently this time.
    I had the lure and the end of the line close to me.
    And I lost it.
    Again I cast into the same spot and I had the same thing.
    This time I was SUPER easy on the fight, I had the leader in my hand.

    It was a ball of mussels and seaweed about as big as the
    bag of mussels you get at the supermarket.

    Have I been kidding myself dragging heavy lures in the sand
    and picking up weeds?

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    Thumbs up Fishing improves in Brigantine

    The kingfish are in Brigantine Beach

    Hooked on fishing
    Is a great event. The kids really pay attention.
    Demos are fun, my nephew got a free rod and reel.

    The first 100 kids under 16 get:
    A 9 foot Shakespeare surf spinning combo,
    rigged up with 20 lb test
    A Team America kingfish rig and
    A 3 Oz pyramid sinker.
    Fish Bites artificial bait is provided.

    We watched knot tying, net casting
    and "Fish Bites" demos
    the kids really paid attention.

    The fishing was good, this is a good spot.
    A couple of hundred kids were all fishing
    on the town beach, and we caught fish.

    After the fishing, prizes were awarded
    for heaviest fish in different age divisions.
    Big trophies and prizes were given to the winners.

    Then "Raffle" prizes were given out.
    I think every kid that stayed got a prize.
    The Island business were so generous.

    Something from every store on the island and more.
    3 bicycles, more fishing rods, tackle boxes, toys.
    Lots of gift certificates (especially for ice cream).

    It was like Christmas in July.
    It is wonderful to see the Island of Brigantine
    do something nice for so many kids.

    Atlantic City Shore Fishing

    Caspian Avenue is still the safe place for fun
    with the family. I went fishing and crabbing
    with my Brother in Law and Nephew.
    Every time we checked the crab traps we had
    one keeper blueclaw. Not too many green
    or local crabs. plenty of hermit crabs too
    if you need them for bait or pets.

    We caught 2 short flounder and no king fish.
    Lots of action from tiny sea bass!

    High tide beach Kingfish

    I also tried my own special hole for king fish
    with bloodworms.
    Fishing improved over the week.

    I had some kingfish here and there this week.
    By my last day high water was a managable 9 am.
    I had a kingfish on every cast.
    These fish were all 11 inches.
    Finally I caught a double-header, that was enough
    8 in the bucket.
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