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    Default MB salmon prospects

    The weather looks to be decent tomorrow so we are going to take another honest shot at catching a salmon from MB...If it is really nice we may run downhill toward what has substituted for a bite at PSL...Otherwise we will be looking around closer to home.There were lots of bait balls out in the deeper water last saturday so we may look out there first...I will be on #68 or cell #748-3250 if anyone else is out and wants to swap info...jeff

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    Got a report from Creek Dog.
    Said it was ugly conditions out of PSL today. Nice real early then wind.

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    Creek Dog was "spot on" went out with Good Karma II tried for salmon, no takers got blown off by 11:00am.

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    We started trolling out in 250 ft and worked our way back in to 125 ft with no salmon action...Some nice bait marks showing up mid depth and a few good marks of larger fish around the bait ...but we got skunked again...Jeff

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    We had same luck as most. Went out of mb 220 ft wtr worked south and in to 140' of wtr. No luck for us. I picked one up a few weeks ago in somewhat of a kelp line at 180' was hoping for same results but no takers this time.

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