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    New the area what is up with this June Gloom I am hearing about?
    Are there many trips canceled because of the fog (gloom)?
    I have been in Morro Bay and the fog/marine layer moved in not sure if the head boats still go out.
    I got the fishing attack when I saw a nice commercial boat unloading some big salmon at Pier 46 yesterday.
    Are salmon only available to fish commercially at this time?

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    The short answers are it's foggy on the central coast in the am's in the summer due to warm land , and cold water.... trips arent cancelled due to fog, thats what radar and gps is for. and dept. Of fish and wildlife closed salmon season here June 1, right when they finally showed up here.

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    We were robbed of a full season again due to economics in Sacramento, and lack of representation at PFMC meetings. This will continue to happen until we have a voice at the meetings. Just a thought.

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