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    Post Sheepshead Bay Party Boats 2017

    Monday June 12th I went out on the
    morning trip aboard the
    Sea Queen.

    It has been a long Spring in June already
    and it has just hit 90 degrees in the city
    for the first time. The water temperature
    is low, fluke fishing is slow to start this year.

    The Sea Queen is my favorite
    half day party boat.
    $35 fare and three dollar pool,
    you go out from 7am to noon
    or from 1 to 5 on the afternoon.

    Today was sunny and calm.
    90 degrees at 11:00am 5 to 10 mph breeze.

    We fished by Breezy Point, Coney Island
    Flats and the channel off Sea Gate.

    The boat was half full which is good for me.
    I did not have lots of fish. I had one short
    one skate and one keeper:
    A 19 inch fluke.

    Not lots of shorts, plenty of sea robins
    and a few dogfish (sand shark)were caught.

    The boat supplied frozen spearing,
    no squid.
    I had gulp and the fish I caught
    was on gulp and spearing.

    I would have gone out on the afternoon trip
    if I didn't catch at least one good size fish.

    Summertime fluke fishing aboard the Sea-Queen vii is awesome

    is the website.
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    Thumbs up Fishing Videos from Sheepshead Bay Boat Trips

    This short film is about a half day on the
    Sea Queen
    from Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn

    Fluke Boat is also on the Sea Queen

    Fishing aboard The Marilyn Jean

    The Ocean Eagle is the best bottom fishing boat (I think)

    The Captain Dave used to have a shorter boat.

    The Jet was a classic bottom fishing boat.
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