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    Default Squid Jig Recommendations?

    Hi All,
    A friend asked me to track down some sure fire squid jigs to be used in a squid fishing competition in Croatia. Squid are squid, so hopefully your suggestions on what works here, would also work in the ocean off Croatia. This fella from Croatia mentioned Yo-Zurri jigs. Can I buy these locally? Have any of you used them, or is there a better jig and or technique to catch squid? I have always been interested in getting squid here along the central coast, so any suggestions you might have on what works here, would also be greatly appreciated as I head out for some fresh calamari!
    Thanks for your time!

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    I saw them in Manhattan just this
    week at Capitol Fishing Tackle
    132 West 36th Street.
    Broadway & 7th Avenue
    That is local for me

    I looked up a Squid jigging article:
    I have never done it.

    Bass Pro Shops has squid jigs and
    a squid jig rig for multiple hooks on
    one line.

    The Lead Masters Squid Catcher Rig
    looks deadly.

    I can see the need for various size
    and color pattern squid jigs.
    You should ask what weight your
    friends are using in Croatia.
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    Thanks for the reply. I'll check out the article and find out the weight they are using. Good suggestion!

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    Care to share any info you got for squid fishing?

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