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    Good morning all. I am a inland guy fresh out of Wyoming and now living in NV. Part of the reason for the move was that the Mrs. has family in Atascadero and Paso....

    Anyway, over the years I have fished out of Morro and San Simeon primarily w/ Virgs's. I plan to do some surf/pier fishing real soon and I'm curious about a couple things. Is it possible to edge/walk your way around Morro rock and get to deeper water fishing? Either off of the rock or jetty?

    Can the same be done near Cayucas. My father in law got me into fishing the area about 15 years ago and I really like it, but I am very new to ocean stuff.
    Have fished everything in Wyo just about every way w/ some really large trout on the wall.



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    Jeepster I am also new to the area, moved from Pennsylvania. Moved to Atascadero last July. I live fishing and am still trying to get the surf fishing thing to work better for me.
    Back east fishing the Jersey shore and my favorite OBX in NC nothing beats that area for surf fishing. So the little I know you cannot be on the Rock. Surf Perch and smelts are all I have caught and nothing to really get excited about. Virgs is the place for cod and Ling. Good people and honest. I fished with them last Sept. caught my limit and my largest Ling was only 4.5 pounds. Big enough to win the boat pool, $100.00.
    And big enough that week to give me a chance to fish for free and possibly win $5,000.00 for the bigest baddest Ling Cod tourney. I had fun caught my limit told a young man 15 years old that in order to catch a fish your bait needs to be on the bottom. His bait was visible from the boat. That young man won 5G's. I was so happy for him. So if you ever want to throw some lug worms or grubs from the surf, PM me and we can share our contact info. Not a whole lot of chatter on this site. I am looking for anyone that may need a hand on there boat split fuel, bait and work for a days fishing.Had a few reach out so good luck.

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