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    Default Rockfish psl june 2017

    Wind finally laid down enough to make a run south toward 'Sal.
    Was able to park trailer nearby for once!

    Short version.
    4 men, 3experiend+1 beginner.
    3 lings 24"/27"?/28" 30++retained rockfish.
    Water surface full of pelagic red crabs, AKA tuna crabs.
    fog /chop typical central coast.

    longer version
    No takers right away, even with lots of marks on meter, near bottom.
    we bait netted a few dozen red crabs and hooked them up
    got a copper(whitebelly) a" hotlips tranny bass" & a couple gophers quickly.
    Many of the fish were eating red crabs, a few bluefish were chasing them around the surface and a few birds hanging around.
    we also caught a spider crab, released, a 3"cabezon released, a sea anemone and a rock.
    1 short ling released.
    No sportsmen or party boats in sight, 2 squid (Light) boats at pt Sal, one tucked behind it , other offshore, maybe awaiting a night hunt nearby?
    one E- W drift repeatedly produced fish but it took time, a lot of spots wouldn't give anything up.
    lost no gear, metered no bait, wind up after mid day.
    homeward bound less than rockfish limits, but close, (culled most gophers, blues & small rockfish).
    Slower wetter ride home .
    no birds bait or boats at CP
    Stopped off shell tossed lures, we got snagged & lost a few lures. 1 small bolina. One more light boat anchored about 75 ft deep.
    Wind chop slapped us until well em-bayed.
    Talked to 3 other late crews at cleaning station, they all went north, all had quality mix bags with reds, nothing exotic or notable .
    party boat catches pathetic.
    sportsmen were all boarded and /or catch inspected by DFG, with nothing out of order, all warned about new sublimits of 3 black rockfish.
    hoping to try it again soon.

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    Thanks for both versions

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    Default Thank you.

    Great submission. Thank you.

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