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    Post Coney Island Fishing report 2017

    Friday June 30th I had a free day
    to fish in Brooklyn
    I picked up some Squid and Spearing at Stella Maris
    in Sheepshead Bay and then tried for some fluke.

    First I went to
    1 Coney Island Creek Park.
    This is a lovely spot. There is a natural
    beach in the park. Very nice. I have
    caught fluke and sea robins here before.
    Today is sunny with a falling tide at 9 AM
    when I finally get to the water.
    Hardly any breeze here on the bay side.
    I fished for an hour and moved on to
    2 The 38th Street Jetty
    I just got started when a beach ranger
    came and told every one get off the jetty.
    There is a new rule: The jetty closes at
    ten AM. A friend of mine explained that
    there was a drowning there last week and
    now no fishing on the jetty after 10.

    3 At Steeplechase Pier
    there were a few fishing out at the
    end one had a keeper fluke from the

    I fished the falling tide for a couple of
    hours I had no luck on my fluke bait.
    There were plenty of short porgies
    caught today.

    The porgies were taking clam pretty well
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    Talking Coney Island Fishing Videos and other New York Fishing Hot Spots

    I started taking my camera out to
    fishing spots. This day a man was
    catching Skates on Steeplechase Pier

    I rode out to Carnarsie Pier and saw a weakfish get pulled in.

    Fishing in Brooklyn shows one of the best fishing spots in Brooklyn

    You can catch snappers on City Island
    behind the public school (In Summer)

    I caught Fluke on the Sea Gate Jetty (38th St and Surf Ave)

    Sea Robins & Fluke are hot at Midland Beach Pier in Staten Island

    This is a "Deadliest Catch" spoof with me and my father crabbing

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    Talking Coney Island Creek Park

    Coney Island Creek Park is the most picturesque spot in Brooklyn.
    I almost forgot this film.

    This park is so cool, I have caught searobins and fluke here.
    I saw someone catch a bluefish on chicken.

    The views and nice sand are to die for.
    Sunken boats and the Verazano bridge and Sea Gate
    surround you. Nice people, no lifeguard and no hassles.
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    Smile Mixed bag at Steeplechase Pier in Brooklyn

    I had a chance to fish August 14th
    It was cooler for a summer day.
    I picked up squid and worms from
    Stella Maris in Sheepshead Bay.

    And went to Coney Island, this time
    I have something for the porgies.
    I parked for free on Surf Avenue
    across from the baseball stadium.
    Parking is free here but starts at 9 am.
    SO nine is the best time to get a free spot.

    I hit the pier at 10, low water
    on the incoming tide, almost no breeze
    blowing in from the ocean. No surf. Cloudy.
    There were people fishing the shallows
    that's where I had this 6 inch sea-bass.

    Caught with blood-worm on a double hook rig.

    Then I moved to the end to try for some
    fluke. I had gulp and squid strips fished
    on a wide gap hook but no bites,
    so I shifted to Porgies.

    There was another fisherman who was catching
    porgies with a plain hook rig 1 foot off the bottom.

    I tied the same rig (with a swivel)
    and fished straight out from the end.
    I used a 2 Oz sinker to be light on the bottom.
    This is a good weight here, I didn't get snagged today.

    After a couple of casts I had bites,
    and then an 8 inch porgy.

    The rest of the mixed bag is that lots of people had
    snappers (baby bluefish) as I looked around.

    I tried for fluke some more, still nothing.
    Today was better because at least I caught
    what I was aiming at.
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