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    Default Help with Surf Perch and Cayucos Pier?

    Hey Fellas.

    Brand new forum member here. We are located a little further up north (Morgan Hill--Bay Area) but are headed to Cayucos for a family reunion over the next five days.

    I've got a 13yo and 15yo who are super excited about fishing (and I am excited to have a reason to duck out of the family reunion from time to time...).

    Anyway, I'm looking to get them on some easy fish. Doesn't need to be too fancy for them, as they are novices. According to my research it looks like we should be able to get some surfperch fairly consistently by going at the end of the flood tide and into the high tide from the beach dropshotting gulp worms and sandcrabs. We also plan to fish the pier with high/low jigs and sabikis for bait (throwing whatever bait we catch out on a halibut rig).

    Can the local experts please chime in with anything I've missed, or additional things/places to try from shore? I appreciate it very much.

    Tight lines!

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    Caught a 40 lb angel shark off the end of that pier
    But that was 15 years ago
    I don't know if the pier is open now. Been under repairs for two years

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    People seem pretty tight lipped about the pier for some reason.
    Maybe cause the fishing sucks off the pier.
    If you want to catch something go for the surf perch. Lots of those cause they're no good to eat. But you will definitely catch some.

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    No one catches perch off the Cayucos pier...Right now you will likely only catch mackerel...If you want to catch surf perch the best beach spots are around E Street or the beach where Old Creek intersects HWY 1....Light tackle with a live sand crab or 2" motor oil grub on an incoming tide is usually pretty effective...That said, when I want to surf fish I generally go to the turn out at HWY 1 where it intersects with Toro Creek road between MB and Cayucos.

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