I was over this last weekend with my good fishing buddy on the Whatzit and Saturday evening we made about 25 or 30 real nice Chochos. ( Many a day on an Albacore boat out in the middle of the ocean I wish I had some like them). We were trying to figure out how to keep them alive for Sunday. We finally settled on turning the drain/pump valve off and just take our chances with the bait and hope we might still have half of them in the morning. there were also about 6 or 8 7" Smelt in the tank. Well, when we got up, to our surprise, all the Chos were going round and round and the Smelt were on the bottom. We fished all day with the Anchovie and even after bringing them up or down to the bottom a time or 2 they were still kickin'. Wow! If only there were some smaller tunies out there somewhere. I also thought "why not use a battery op Aerator as the C or D batteries will last 3 or 4 days, and use maybe even a couple of them to keep some air in the water when and if we ever have to keep our baits til the next day. My next experiment will have to be with Macks to see if they can survive also as that will surely change some of our early morning tactics and not have to keep the boat in the water all night and the pumps running too.