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    Went out to check that cleaner warm water at 18nm on a 205. Made some nice chovies and a couple smelt in 140' and headed out. Checked around from the 35-10 121-04 due south to the 35 even line and out around the 121-07 on the way back. At about 8 miles from the harbor the water jumped from 56.5 to 61.8 in a very short distance and went from chocolate milk to pea soup. There was a lot of life, birds, bait, pinner chovies and suaries darting on the surface, and clouds of scales like glitter, and was the best thing I saw all day. I was looking for the cleaner water though so kept going south west only to find warmer but dirtier water, red algae bloom all over in 64.5 degree water. Saw a pod of pilot whales and a few sun fish, but no tuna YET! I didn't have time to go out past 18-19 nm, but gave it a good look in close, and will give it another shot when I can. Didn't hear anyone on on the radio and never saw another boat until 2 miles from shore. Hopefully they'll show up to the party eventually, but it's starting to feel like the bands only got a couple more songs to play,the foods gone,and all the kegs are almost empty...

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    Sounds like a great boat ride at least Justin. Was a little south of you and water looking better nearer the 1908. A bit far for me but might pack some fuel. Needle in a haystack. Every year. Thanks for the report and looking. Cheers

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