Anglers Anonymous Central Coast (AACC) , now has been expanded to be a National organization and is a Chapter of Anglers Anonymous of America (AAoA). Ventura (AAVC), LA (AALA) , and Kern Valley (AAKV) are also Chapters, with several other areas that are considering and planning on joining our efforts to give our Vets a fully free day on the water somewhere enjoying what we have done for a long time.
On Nov. 11, Veterans Day, we will be doing our annual trip but this year we are doubling our efforts with 2 boat loads of Veterans going to be going out with us. We have chartered the boats from Morro Bay Landing and will be setting up our activities center at the Launch ramp grass area next to the Restrooms early Saturday morning and these tables ill be manned all day with someone that can help you with any questions that you have and if you are interested in either helping financially or maybe even joining our efforts, please stop by and talk with us if you can. The boats will be loading at the private boat dock just to the North of the Restrooms at 7 am so if you are in the area and want to witness the beginning of the day, come on by before you go out fishing yourself. The trip ends at 3 pm and we will be having a dinner after disembarking and getting everyone one resettled over at the Grassy area. There will be give-a-ways, interviews and just good fellowship until it breaks up.
If you know a or some Vets that would like to be in on the trip this year, we have our internet site you may go to and get the info off of or call our boat loader, a vet himself and AACC Treasurer, Eric at 805 878 8910. No DFW licenses will be needed as the DFW gives anyone on the boats that day a free day, and we have many of our donaters to thanks for all that we have been able to do since 2011, and it only looks better for the future.
If you have never witnessed the immediate change in someone that comes from these trips, you are really missing out. I personally have witnessed it so many times now that I have become to expect it when we go out. The faces of the PTSD Vets are usually somber getting on the boats or before and when they catch their first fish it an instant change and some of our stories have been totally life changing. AAVC just had a trip about 2 mnths ago and they put out 5 boatloads with over 110 Veterans on them and we got into a nice Yellowtail bite at Anna Cappa Island at the end of the day for a couple hours and that was just a real kick, ending the day with over 150 YTs for the guys on all the boats, and , ahehm!!!! our AACC boat staffed with 3 of our members helped to get over 40 of the yt on the Gentelman for the top boat. One of the other boats even picked up a 40 pound WSB along with the sacks of Rock Fish caught all morning. A great day for all involved.