Fished out of Morro Bay yesterday.. We launched late at about 8am after the offshore winds began to diminish...Did not leave the ramp for another 30 minutes due to a FULL Coast Guard safety inspection at the dock...We passed and got our yellow paper, but the real bummer was that no one else could launch on the right side until Coasties let us go...They were courteous and professional, but it was senseless not to allow us to walk the boat back to the end of the launch finger so that everyone else in the parking lot lineup was not delayed...As soon as we pulled out they jumped on the next boat launched for another inspection,which I assume went on all morning...We started fishing around 9:15 and it was a slow steady pick on mostly smaller rockies until we limited about 11:45...There were a couple dozen trailers in the parking lot but we saw very few boats in the bay...I assume that the early birds bucked the offshore winds and went way north, south of Diablo, or offshore....It was summertime T-shirt and shorts weather which made for a fun morning even though we caught no lings or reds this trip...There was tonnage of fin bait in the bay, but we did not meter any squid in the usual spots...Jeff